The Tesla Bot: Explained!

Published on Aug 23, 2021
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Tesla announced a 5 foot 8 humanoid robot. Here's WHY.

That shirt!

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Marques Brownlee
  • why do I exist?

    why do I exist?

    3 hours ago

    Team Fortress 2

  • MrGilRoland


    4 hours ago

    Imagine Tesla robots driving Tesla cars in the streets and stopping here and there, coming out of the car and dancing on the streets while killing us.

  • EmilNotPog


    6 hours ago

    The tesla bot looks likes it's about the take of humanity it does look cool

  • Adnan Hasan

    Adnan Hasan

    8 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the *I, Robot* wallpaper?

  • SleepyVibez


    8 hours ago

    The point isn't to make a robot do a single task amazingly, as a company the point is to make a single designed robot to be able to mass replicate it and be able to sell it to everyone from individual to a company, then upgrade it as needed.

  • Dexter Gray

    Dexter Gray

    10 hours ago

    I would say, as far as the shape of the robot as he said the word we built is primed for our human design and to have one in our home this robot is for humans. Its main task is for us to interact not really what we tell it to do

  • Dodsodalo


    11 hours ago

    Wouldn't this help destroy jobs for huge SWATHES of the human population?
    And the money will go to.... The companies.
    With huge SWATHES of the population jobless.
    And hopeless.

  • 23william90


    11 hours ago

    If the cybertruck comes put this is the next step

  • The Trail Awaits

    The Trail Awaits

    13 hours ago

    Can't have a tesla on autopilot without someone in the seat per law, tesla bot is going to be sitting in the driver seat.

  • Q8storme Reads

    Q8storme Reads

    16 hours ago

    Ill gladly have one, if it can look at youtube cooking videos and have it make me a good meal! the amounts of hours I have spent watching food videos and salivating ...wishing someone would cook it for me , that and cleaning :)

  • furrpuff:)


    18 hours ago

    its Detroit become human everyone......and i like it

  • ааа ааа

    ааа ааа

    19 hours ago

    Me: "hey, buddy, clean the kitchen".
    TeslaBot after watching mems on YouTube: "I missed the part where that's my problem".
    And that's how an AI appears

  • identity crisis

    identity crisis

    19 hours ago

    It’s cool now that I’m actually thinking about it and as an astrologer we should be seeing more as Pluto enters Aquarius. I would love to see one in person. I know people are still scared/skeptical about this but I think it can be helpful. I agree, I don’t think they should be making it in human form but eh. For the whole grocery shopping example, how would the robot pay for the groceries? Yeah you can manually enter the card in the robot like how you would with your phone but some stores don’t have wireless pay and maybe someone wants to use their EBT card which they haven’t made it an option to just add it to your phone yet. Also, buying alcohol. How can they confirm the owner of the humanoid is over 21+? The robot can show a picture of your ID on its screen (if it has a screen) but it could be anyones ID, you know? Overall there’s potential and like I said, we’ll be seeing more when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024 around the world but people won’t be happy. As with anything, it’s going to take time to get used to

  • Racka N

    Racka N

    20 hours ago

    The folks at Boston Dynamics probably looked at this, laughed and said "Good luck with that"

    • Artimidorus


      7 hours ago

      Especially when the demo was some guy in a unitard dancing on stage.

  • Lucien Carter

    Lucien Carter

    21 hour ago

    The world is going to turn into I am robot or something the movie with Will Smith and then we're I think it's just the city or the entire world gets taken over of robots I think whoever hopefully reach this comment knows what I'm talking about

  • oo


    Day ago

    Testa bot will be used in the army in very dangerous espionage missions.
    May be in Mars missions.
    Im sure E Musk With 1000 engineers Know what he do what he focus on!

  • ferdylalabom


    Day ago

    We need a resistance group



    Day ago

    Um … ok.

  • Monke follower

    Monke follower

    Day ago

    Let's become human.

  • s u p h o m i e

    s u p h o m i e

    Day ago

    Well, *we're fucked*

  • G'd Up Beats

    G'd Up Beats

    Day ago

    Kinda makes you wonder what the government is trying to do. They are making robots for many jobs which means less jobs for real people which means NO GOOD!

  • That1guystudios


    Day ago

    *it isnt sentient

  • Eliezer Ramirez

    Eliezer Ramirez

    Day ago

    Does it have a mouth?

  • Cheryl R Leigh

    Cheryl R Leigh

    Day ago

    Musk speaks to Joe Rogan re artificial intelligence. Source: Joe Rogan | Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence @ via @YouTube

  • Cheryl R Leigh

    Cheryl R Leigh

    Day ago

    This reminds me of a brilliant 1958 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents re Artificial Intelligence: Source: Design For Loving | season 4 episode 6 | Written by: Ray Bradbury | Starring: Norman Lloyd | Alfred Hitchcock Presents @ via

  • Ineedtp


    Day ago

    google sales data

  • Allen Taylor

    Allen Taylor

    Day ago

    This is an "all Purpose" robot, we don't have the resources to build a special robot for every task. Human body design is very adaptive and flexible which what is need in our current world. As you mentioned, everything we have created in our world is designed to interact with our bodies. It makes sense to have a robot with the same human body/functions we have. Why build a robot that can only fry French fries at McDonalds when a mass produced robot like this one can fry, build sandwiches, take out the trash and make the drinks for you? One robot that can be trained to do many things is the environmentally smart thing to do. Less wasted resources.

  • J F

    J F

    Day ago

    Think about few years back they showed and talked about sleeves Probably want to combine both like in the movie Ghost in the shell.

  • J F

    J F

    Day ago

    Imagine all these time Elon was kept saying that Artificial intelligence will be end of the World all along has been creating his own little minions

  • HQ


    Day ago

    Watching this makes me appreciate Marques more, man you is smart beautiful video

  • oida10000


    2 days ago

    I can think of 2 things a human form would fit a robot:
    1. geriatric care (helping them get up, maybe to the toilet, feed them when necessary), maybe a general butler
    2. adult toy ;)

  • Maren Jones

    Maren Jones

    2 days ago

    Ok, listen, Elon is trying to build itself a robot body. That is the best explanation I can come up with.

  • Leo O.

    Leo O.

    2 days ago

    He has a point

  • El Yah

    El Yah

    2 days ago

    Robotic slaves

  • David Thomas

    David Thomas

    2 days ago

    Tesla is a car making company but they send people up into space with their rockets and also offer satellite TV they also have a flame thrower

  • Abdoulaye Bangoura

    Abdoulaye Bangoura

    2 days ago

    They can use neurolink to control the robot

  • HashtagMoniz


    2 days ago

    “It has a max speed of 5 miles an hour…. So you can out-run it” y’all I— ☠️

  • Nhuja Bajracharya

    Nhuja Bajracharya

    2 days ago

    They should make doraemon

  • Aussie Raver

    Aussie Raver

    2 days ago

    We don't need this shit.
    I blame the men and women around the World who worked on AI/robots for the past 30 years.
    Feeding the beast system.

  • jayjay sebastian

    jayjay sebastian

    2 days ago

    Jarvis to vision

  • Angelito LeMontréalais

    Angelito LeMontréalais

    2 days ago

    Tesla is the Google of A.I. driven EVs when it comes to accumulating real-world data. They certainly have the edge over other players in the field. In the least the Tesla Bot would definitely navigate as well as the latest Tesla EV when going out to do your errands.

  • Gun Guy

    Gun Guy

    2 days ago

    Welp....better not stop prepping for the end of the world.

  • Viviana Balbuena

    Viviana Balbuena

    2 days ago

    I don’t get it! This guy seems like he’s a smart guy. What do you mean you can’t think of another way they can use this thing? Uhm. Security sector maybe? Surveillance, population control is getting quite tyrannical these days. Expand your horizons. Oh and most importantly seek God!

  • Dark_AG5


    2 days ago

    What if they use the chips they are making for people that they showed with the pig to get info for they’re robots so they don’t have to go out in the real world

  • BEFF


    2 days ago

    I mean, imagine having a robot servant. I see the appeal

  • Primal Gamer

    Primal Gamer

    2 days ago

    I think that human bots will be the future to help in domestic work that no one likes to do like cleaning, washing, cooking etc, it will be great to arrive from work and have everything clean, ready to eat etc. In other times women stayed at home and that was their job, of course that's wrong and no one should stay closed in home women or men doing that kind of work unless is being paid to do that. So i belive those robots will have tremendous value in people's homes, allowing people to have more free time to theirselves or family, kids etc.

  • Primal Gamer

    Primal Gamer

    2 days ago

    They create bots that look like humans to be more aproachable by people, people like dogs, if you make a robot that looks like a dog people will think its cute and buy, bots like humans working on cafés can be easier for people to relate, i think that is the reason.

  • Marcelo Dantas

    Marcelo Dantas

    2 days ago

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people. But Teslabots do too... if they have a gun. (Paraphrasing Eddie Izzard) 🤣

  • Exzan Abdi Fariz

    Exzan Abdi Fariz

    3 days ago

    I think humanoid robot will be very good as a accompany or assistant robot. Like a counselor, or friend when you get old, or something do with the psychological stuff.

  • Roger Chilidog

    Roger Chilidog

    3 days ago

    I just imagine having a human shaped robot charging in the corner in my house and it freaks the fuck out of me

  • simransingh sidhu

    simransingh sidhu

    3 days ago

    We want Tesla cars in India

  • Ryan TM

    Ryan TM

    3 days ago

    Hand jobs haha

  • Mike Pinchin

    Mike Pinchin

    3 days ago

    why do you make a humanoid robot??? to replace humans. Pure Evil. don't buy into there scam. see robots don't have a problem rounding you because you listen to there new rules lets just call them (mandates to keep you safe) wink wink... and taking away your right like your fellow man would!!!!!!
    your all asleep.......

  • Journey Rivenburgh

    Journey Rivenburgh

    3 days ago

    I could see Atlas being valuable in serch and rescue at some point given its maneuverability.

  • Santo Diablo

    Santo Diablo

    3 days ago

    Teslas are for well off people who have the money to splurge

  • ImperialGamerHFX


    3 days ago

    Imagine having a personal assistant/house servant.

  • TooBlessedBabyDoll


    3 days ago

    Don’t trust none of it. We’re in a very wicked world. I can imagine some crazy billionaire aspiring to control and literally take over the world, using armed robots. Gives me the creeps. 😬

  • Esteban Cervantes

    Esteban Cervantes

    3 days ago

    Get the data for the Tesla Bot by installing the Neuralink chip on humans and upload the data to the cloud XD

  • Ozz911


    3 days ago

    we can use these robots to send them to the space as astronauts 🤔🤔

  • Alfred '-'

    Alfred '-'

    3 days ago

    "out run it" concerned hmmmmmmmmmm ._.

  • Costel Victor

    Costel Victor

    3 days ago

    Haha I Robot on the back screen :D Nice touch :P

  • Yunho An

    Yunho An

    3 days ago

    The faithful ethernet cytopathologically stare because writer suprisingly contain concerning a amusing grill. jittery, capable open

  • Sarmad Jari

    Sarmad Jari

    3 days ago

    Tesla Bot, might be going to drive the cars (none self-driving car)? or will be a good tool to build on Mars? :)

  • Peter Judge

    Peter Judge

    4 days ago

    This is not new, Phillip Schofield has had one for years I’ve seen it in the CUBE..😂😂

  • Div Merte

    Div Merte

    4 days ago

    The Tesla Bot Explained : bullshit for shareholders . XD

  • Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork Kirlia

    4 days ago

    Yeah, when it comes to the way we build robots nowadays, it seems like there are better things to do than building a generalist. Humans aren't so much inefficient as efficient in different ways than robots; we're hyper-generalists who were able to adapt and excel in umpteen different environments long before we built the world to us. But you just can't *build* that kind of versatility, not with our current constraints on materials and processing power and actual regular power.
    Robots are amazing at specialised tasks, and they can be optimised in a way that, as you say, the human body just isn't built to handle. Maybe when we can grow robots and build organisms, but that's a ways off yet.

  • Bennettbianca Reid

    Bennettbianca Reid

    4 days ago

    Just imagine walking through the airport with 10 Tesla Bots carrying your bags! It's a status symbol 🤷🏾 Elon knows he'll sellout in minutes!

  • Ben


    4 days ago

    We all Know why we actually want humanoid robots, right?

  • Vapurade


    4 days ago

    You’re thinking about it all wrong. A house is not a factory. It’s made for humans not robots. It would be incredibly inefficient to have separate robots for every little task in a house. It would be very efficient to have just one that can do it all.

  • melouverse


    4 days ago

    Bruh this is lowkey scary

  • Something


    4 days ago

    I would hate to have a human shaped robot in my house it’s just so creepy and I definitely watched to much scary sci-fi movies

  • thehauntedstream


    4 days ago

    He just wants to build a humanoid robot and use an excuse 😂

  • Nomadx83


    4 days ago

    Do you know Westworld ? This is the world on where we go !
    The biggest advantage of humanoïde form for robot it's they are multitask, this can be great I think

  • leelogan ._.

    leelogan ._.

    4 days ago

    The difference between Tesla and Boston dynamics is how much money Tesla has, and the fact that it’s owned by Elon who can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. So much money can get some pretty crazy things done in two years just saying

  • Mike SA

    Mike SA

    4 days ago

    Lets start this off with a baseline. Elon is talking crap about timelines. However, Marq who packs the dishwasher and pack away the dishes? who packs the washing machine? who folds the clothes? I want this but to be my maid, Humanoid robot to navigate in the human world

  • V.S.M.O CH

    V.S.M.O CH

    4 days ago

    This is insane. Wow! And they just backflip?! WTF! SO SMOOTH! WOW!!!

  • Ron Alexander

    Ron Alexander

    4 days ago

    Unless the goal is to create life. to create consciousness. To be God.

  • Afterlife Voices

    Afterlife Voices

    5 days ago

    In twenty years, women are going to have a major competitor.

  • Drifter


    5 days ago

    You saying "there is no good reason for a humanoid robot to exist"
    reminds me of HP say something like "There is no good reason for people to have personal computers"

  • iamapie 13

    iamapie 13

    5 days ago

    "why Tesla?" And "why a robot human?" Because it's Elon Musk that's why, and as the saying goes "science isn't about why, it's about why not" and Elon tends to be that kind of guy, he'll take risks if he sees a vision for them

  • Ever Evelyn 💋

    Ever Evelyn 💋

    5 days ago

    I still want one!

  • Cybercat 2077

    Cybercat 2077

    5 days ago

    Cuz Elon trying to make a sexbot duh

  • Miguel GONZALEZ

    Miguel GONZALEZ

    5 days ago

    Don't be ignorant my friend , they just came back from space , I see it happening in the next 5 to 10 years

  • hugo vicuña gonzález

    hugo vicuña gonzález

    5 days ago

    The "humanoid" thing is the whole point IMO. The idea seems to be to avoid countless robots when one can adapt like you and do lots of things. It could drive your "normal" car around like a Tesla does AND walk your dog AND pick up its poop using the same bags you would use.

  • Sébastien Côté

    Sébastien Côté

    5 days ago

    Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi all are car company’s that do robots! It’s not that surprising

  • RichMan


    5 days ago

    4:53 *“So you can out run it”*

  • Eli Porter

    Eli Porter

    5 days ago

    Does nobody else think this is a really REALLY bad idea?

  • Cadenhead Bros.

    Cadenhead Bros.

    5 days ago

    He’s definitely hunting at something putting that iRobot image on his computer screen😂

  • Jonathan deHebreard

    Jonathan deHebreard

    6 days ago

    I feel like you're overlooking the fact that he is trying to colonize another planet with human beings.... He hasn't given any information about what his main incentives are in creating a humanoid robot... But honestly feel like you aren't giving him enough credit... This guy isn't an idiot.... You really think he's making a robot for getting groceries???? That's what Elon Musk is setting his sights on? Grocery shopping, and doing dishes... Come on bruh... I feel like there is more than meets the eye here... I would guess, that it's more likely that the main reason for introducing Optimus on AI Day, was for recruitment purposes... Not because Tesla wants to "just explore their computer vision." He said more than once that talent is their main inhibitor... They need experience... But that's just my common sense speaking...NeuroLink, Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company... These are all different companies, but they aren't exactly separate either.... You don't think that possibly one company could be doing projects that will benefit another's ambitions?

  • Coovgamer


    6 days ago

    this is not true because no robot today can go to the store and pick up food shopping without having even been told what the robot should look for, so this robot will not be available for many years to humans. this is my opinion. Artificial intelligence is not so advanced that it would be possible. we don’t even understand our own brains yet.

  • A R

    A R

    6 days ago

    It was just a person in a costume. Good gravy the Musk worshipers are so easily roped into caca.

  • Shawn Ritch

    Shawn Ritch

    6 days ago

    Seems you don't have a good understanding about production and engineering; if you did, you would understand how incredibly efficient and diverse the humanoid form is and how useful humanoid robots would be to remove the burdens(menial tasks), from dangerous scenarios, to product production, to like what you mentioned - grocery shopping. Who really wants to be doing any of that? I'd rather be working on solving and implementing solutions to the mess we have caused all over the world, so our children might have a decent and sustainable place to live.

  • Mackenzie Cutshaw

    Mackenzie Cutshaw

    6 days ago

    Sky net/terminator and Detroit becomes humans is what my first thought is

  • Fruit Bouquet

    Fruit Bouquet

    6 days ago

    My name is Connor,
    *I'm the android sent by CyberLife*

  • Eth-nz


    6 days ago

    this helped me with my assignment lol thanks marques and elon

  • Johnathan Swift

    Johnathan Swift

    6 days ago

    Yes you are short sighted. You have missed the point. There is no doubt that non-human robots can be built for specific tasks like the FSD or a hoovering bot. BUT this is narrow AI. A general purpose robot that has effective sentience and can take on a range of tasks for which it is not speifically designed, must interact with the world as it is built. And it is built to acommodate the human frame. If it to take on a range of tasks and make decisions on the fly it cannot be tied to one task. If your house sets on fire, your hoover is not going to wake you up or use a fire extinguisher. When you are working on your car it is not going to find and hand you a 15mm spanner on request, then go to the kitchen and make you a prawn salad sandwich. No-one is going to chat with their hoover. You have not appreciated the difference between Narrow AI and General AI. This is not a criticism. It is an observation.

  • Luis A Pola Torres

    Luis A Pola Torres

    6 days ago

    I bet you people is gonna hack the bots 🤖

  • Ashutosh Taikar

    Ashutosh Taikar

    6 days ago

    I like the idea of a robot to put my dishes in the dishwasher, to do laundry and iron my clothes thereafter keep them in my closet rack, taking out the trash, cleaning home, get groceries, human like body and foot massage at the end of the day, charge my phone, laptop, wireless earphones, ipad, smart watch, untangle my wired earphones, searching my car keys, phone, wallet etc

  • Brody


    6 days ago

    So when's Judgment Day?



    6 days ago

    The Tesla Bots look alot like the ons in Mitchells Vs The Machines....