Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!

Published on Jul 22, 2021
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PLAID Model S is stupid fast. And is better built than ever. But that yoke tho

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Marques Brownlee
  • ErnestoLS


    2 hours ago

    Only thing Elon is missing on the Plaid is a white leather yoke and white dashboard.

  • Vortex Ohm

    Vortex Ohm

    17 hours ago

    And I like the stalks back again

  • Vortex Ohm

    Vortex Ohm

    17 hours ago

    Yes imwouldbt buy it without a regular wheel

  • Simone Padovan

    Simone Padovan

    20 hours ago


  • Avner Papouchado

    Avner Papouchado

    21 hour ago

    Tesla sucks - I have a S and an X and they treat their customers like shit. I tried to get a new X because mine are falling apart (sensors failing, display full of bubbles, the X info system failure). I ordered in March they gave me a May delivery date that moved to a October and now is "we don't know". They couldn't be bothered to call or send and Email, I found out on the account page on the web. The sales team can be bothered to answer the phone. I've never seem a car company that treats his customers worst.

  • Brice Tikum

    Brice Tikum

    22 hours ago

    Is there an option to change the steering wheel? Feels weird not being able to hold it with one hand from the top

  • abou Soufian

    abou Soufian

    Day ago

    Why so much plastic bags with groceries... oh i forget you compensate with Tesla.

  • chirag baruah

    chirag baruah

    Day ago

    that steering yoke is so stupid and it will be a major turn off for a lot of people

  • Gideon Muteti

    Gideon Muteti

    2 days ago

    That's exactly how I would want mine (looks n interior)

  • Arcadeic


    2 days ago

    Wheel buttons easy fix. Something likr If wheel >40* disable_buttons else wheel

  • sakenu16


    2 days ago

    Nah prefer a regular steering wheel. I don’t even like the cars without a gear shift like some Hondas with the push button.

  • Rustle


    2 days ago

    Not sure who this channel is aimed at anymore but i feel increasingly like its not me :-(

  • Mody Nangemo

    Mody Nangemo

    2 days ago

    They should’ve made it so that the buttons dont work when the wheel isn’t straight

  • Danny Salih

    Danny Salih

    3 days ago

    Stupid video

  • ScienceBitch


    3 days ago

    The steering wheel just proves that Tesla is not about driving, it's about gimmicks

  • ScienceBitch


    3 days ago

    Why do I want my car reviews from a guy that only knows how to play with iphones his whole life... What a joke 🤮

  • Figy Furry

    Figy Furry

    3 days ago


  • James Grose

    James Grose

    3 days ago

    So you can’t rotate your tires? Stupid move!

  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    3 days ago

    Why companies putting more difficulties on people. Why they are putting so much tech on car. Who cares? Cars are used to be transportation not a tech device. Majority people don't have the ability to use these kind of Auto pilot bla bla. Make things simple and easy. People are losing their jobs due to robots like driverless taxis. Machines are replacing humans. Day by Day machines are making lives difficulties.

  • LekRo


    4 days ago


  • Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot

    Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot

    4 days ago

    Tesla, a primary villain in the war on right to repair.

  • jay collins

    jay collins

    4 days ago

    Great video! I'm comparing with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. You may have converted me to Tesla

  • Nolan Aster

    Nolan Aster

    4 days ago

    I have physical volume control buttons on my steering wheel and I still accidentally press those when turning. This steering wheel is a joke. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

  • wallace grey

    wallace grey

    4 days ago

    Or how firmly grip the steering wheel when you you hit emergency brake

  • wallace grey

    wallace grey

    4 days ago

    Am glad you mentioned cockpit, because it would be kinda awesome to have somewhat of a cruise control kind of operation by pulling and pushing of the York. but just saying it be great, like imagine having that amount of torque by pulling and slight braking by pushing

  • Shegeloaf


    5 days ago

    Nice car.

  • Leonard Mitchell

    Leonard Mitchell

    5 days ago

    yeah it's ugly... but impressive range

  • William Eastin

    William Eastin

    5 days ago

    Hey Marques, around the 4:15 mark you had a fuzzy towel in the console. I was wondering type it was. I have a Subaru with a big touchscreen and fingerprints are terrible in the sun. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks



    5 days ago

    *someone bout to do something and potentially cutting you off*

  • Shifan Jefrin

    Shifan Jefrin

    6 days ago

    The location of the horn is the problem others can be adjustable

  • Emily


    6 days ago

    I don't think touch buttons have ever and will ever be a good idea in cars. With physical buttons and knobs you can feel around and interact with them with your eyes still on the road. Too many touch buttons and touchscreen interactions begins to be a safety issue.

  • Aidan Lafferty

    Aidan Lafferty

    6 days ago

    every time he floors it marques can’t help to smile just a lil bit and i relate like how could you not even after doing this hundreds of times

  • Aman Yadav

    Aman Yadav

    6 days ago

    Rimac nevara - fastest in the world from 0-60, for those who think this is superman

  • Ehole


    6 days ago

    The car sit is white...

  • awesomeman113


    7 days ago

    Imagine what the roadster is going to be like

  • Vasilije Doljanica

    Vasilije Doljanica

    7 days ago

    steering wheel is shit

  • Paul


    7 days ago

    Man this car is perfect but after driving my friend’s car,,, I really hated the wheel. Honestly if they offered a normal wheel with clicky buttons and manual hvac controls I would get it in a heartbeat.

  • CheBeatz


    7 days ago

    Missed opportunity to call the video reinventing the (steering)wheel

  • Vedant Kapadia

    Vedant Kapadia

    8 days ago

    Tesla is the exact opposite of Apple

  • Yattaman


    8 days ago

    The yoke and its capacitive touch are dreadful. I hope Tesla u-turns on the decision and offers an option for a standard wheel with stalks.

  • [E]


    8 days ago

    Did MKBHD steal this car?

  • yes 123

    yes 123

    8 days ago

    And you forgot to say, "and even more gaps between exterior panels and doors" Lol, not hating loved the car, but you can't deny the quality issues on the exterior. The new "steering wheel" is terrible; sorry guys, I said it.

  • jonesyterp


    8 days ago

    Someone needs to explain this car to me. It doesn't appear to make any sense. You can seat five with huge cargo room for a lot less than $125k. Spending 125k on a day to day car you're looking for luxury, who cares about it's zero to 60 time? From what I've read the S isn't luxurious compared to say, a Mercedes S Class.
    If you want to enjoy driving a fast car, which is about more than going in a straight line for 1/4 mile, there is also cornering and braking. For the same money buy a BMW 8 Competition and spend your weekends at a closed circuit track with an instructor and enjoy the BMW luxury when driving calmly to your Saturday foursome.

    The cars comfort and ride quality are that of a high end four door sedan, albeit with more cargo room, it also does zero to 60 really fast; but it costs TWICE the amount of a BMW 540i. For all that extra money you're getting more cargo room and some speed that is completely pointless/useless in the average commute/day to day driving.

  • Tim C

    Tim C

    8 days ago

    Tesla just let Lucid get into the game. Mark my words! And it will all come back to the Yoke... which is a Joke!
    I'm not saying it is going to knock Tesla off the top position, but they let some others in; specifically Lucid ( IMO)

  • Phil Smith

    Phil Smith

    8 days ago

    I just don’t like the look of the yoke… but I’m an old fart with decades of habits with real wheel.

  • Matt M

    Matt M

    8 days ago

    Don’t need to buy the car to know that I already hate non-physical buttons.

  • Daniel Pretorius

    Daniel Pretorius

    8 days ago

    Atleast we won't be using steering wheels much longer 😂

  • Redan ElBaik Qudeimat

    Redan ElBaik Qudeimat

    9 days ago

    Excellent reviewing of many points. Thank you.

  • sreejith sreelal

    sreejith sreelal

    9 days ago

    Steering wheel 👎👎👎

  • soniccinos


    9 days ago

    Noooooooo... touch button are really anoying!!!!

  • TJ Murphy

    TJ Murphy

    9 days ago

    That yoke is a gimmick and I doubt it would be safe. If I had the money I'd choose the Mercedes eqs any day of the week

  • Metallic Archaea

    Metallic Archaea

    9 days ago

    Hilarious watching people comment about flaws in products that they'd buy in a heartbeat if they could afford it. Kinda like Android users who bitch over IPhones. That aside, I wouldn't worry about the steering wheel. That will be replaced with a gaming pad. By then these cars will be fully autonomous and subscription based.

  • Ian Tsay

    Ian Tsay

    9 days ago

    The car have cockpit control column which is pretty cool. I would definitely purchase this aeroplane like vehicle.

  • Donut Operator

    Donut Operator

    10 days ago

    Can I just have your lifestyle pretty please

  • yossarian3x


    10 days ago

    fuck this shite made in us snoflake toycar

  • franco losasso

    franco losasso

    10 days ago

    Very good video!

  • Shawn Anderson

    Shawn Anderson

    10 days ago

    Maybe the flight yoke is getting us ready for the Tesla model that also flies?

  • Saad Nabil

    Saad Nabil

    10 days ago

    I bet GT Sport will get that.

  • Vance Christian

    Vance Christian

    10 days ago

    Round steering wheals work cause they are round :p efficiency is inherent with circular technology. Why take a huge step backwards for something as important as the controls of your flagship vehicle?

  • Jaime Reyes

    Jaime Reyes

    11 days ago

    Man if they had ambient lighting

  • jack chuah

    jack chuah

    11 days ago

    so the HU still freeze as usual?

  • AV Joyfuldeath

    AV Joyfuldeath

    11 days ago


    Car is electric and luxurious and futuristic

    Driving hazard

  • Baker McBrad

    Baker McBrad

    11 days ago

    It just needs the neurolink update so you can just think about using a turn signal

  • Baker McBrad

    Baker McBrad

    11 days ago

    It's definitely more satisfying slamming your hand against the wheel instead of touch a screen when someone cuts you off lol

  • Lewis Thompson

    Lewis Thompson

    11 days ago

    Amazing video. Shocking steering wheel.

  • Mehdi Ansari

    Mehdi Ansari

    11 days ago

    Please upload a full review! Thinking of ordering this but very torn on the yoke and the stocks issue.

  • Wes Frost

    Wes Frost

    12 days ago

    Next step is steering via touchscreen... Lol, what did they think with this steerin wheel. it is every way unsafe as it doesn' t even have the recommended 10 and 14 positions availible...

  • Yiannis Mantheakis

    Yiannis Mantheakis

    12 days ago

    This is unsafe as Hell. Definitely a deal breaker for me. The yoke is comparable to square wheels.
    I'd rather buy an inferior EV with the way safer steering wheel.

  • azspotfree


    12 days ago

    The yoke needs to move up and down, so you can rotate that beast

  • seryoute


    12 days ago

    when i learnt to drive my dad told me to keep my hands at 10 and 2 (clock angle references), how on earth would i do that in that car 😂

  • Marc Swasey

    Marc Swasey

    12 days ago

    It's always interesting to see people attempt to use the yoke. Everyone instinctively tries to turn it as if it's a regular circular wheel and they'll also try to catch it as it returns to its original position like it is one. That only works for circular wheels because if you put your hand out to grab the wheel at any point around its axis you're pretty much guaranteed to grab part of the wheel but with the yoke that's not the case. The solution would be to simply put your hand through the large openings on the yoke under the capacitive buttons which also seem to be much larger than the corresponding openings on a regular circular wheel, a feature which I like. If you put your hand through, the amount of distance the wheel can travel from your hand won't exceed a certain limit which is the point where the wheel contacts your hand making it very easy to gain control of the wheel quickly no matter its position. Even if your hand is in a regular steering position, your hand is already right next to the opening making it easy to put your hand through and make quick and controlled sharp turns and you only have to use one hand to do so. The wheel won't slip away because it can only travel so far if your hand is there. I also don't understand why people say that not having the horn in the center is a safety issue. I never use my horn because I don't like the idea of having to move my hand from the wheel to use it especially when driving one handed and especially in an emergency situation where I'd want to keep both hands firmly on the wheel. I'd much prefer the horn button to be right by my thumb where I could easily access it without having to move my hand from the wheel.

  • Marc Swasey

    Marc Swasey

    12 days ago

    I don't understand why people don't just put their hands through the holes on the yoke to turn it. It seems like such a simple solution than trying to grab it as it's turning. If your hand is through the hole you're guaranteed to grab part of the yoke to turn it no matter its position. I'd just put my hand through and lift up or push down and around to make large turns. I also never use my horn because I don't like taking my hand off the steering wheel to use it so I'd prefer it if it was a button right by my finger

  • KingLutherQ


    12 days ago

    I hate the yolk. I wish Tesla would provide a regular steering wheel.

  • David Garcia

    David Garcia

    12 days ago

    im surprised you didnt show gaming on here

  • たまご


    12 days ago


  • Carol S

    Carol S

    12 days ago

    I usually like Tesla design choices, but they need to bring back the control stalks for blinkers and driving modes. I don't even want clicky buttons, I want the stalks. Also, I absolutely hate the idea of having both turn signals on the same side of the yoke, and having the horn be a teeny, tiny button which looks difficult to reach for someone who doesn't have giant hands. The Model 3 controls are so simple and intuitive.

  • Bliss


    12 days ago

    Gonna get one murdered out

  • Tobias A

    Tobias A

    12 days ago

    How the hell could you afford this car? You actually own this thing??

  • krasw


    12 days ago

    Looks like a total shitstorm of design decisions that look nice and are unusable.

  • Sebastian Martin

    Sebastian Martin

    13 days ago

    Tesla should add in a software update an alternative mode for the touch buttons, from a tap to a 2sec hold function for example, also I imagine a lot of people will either change the wheel entirely or they’ll modify it in some way to resemble a normal wheel.

  • Liam D

    Liam D

    13 days ago

    imagine being a moron who pays super premium to get a "ultra" tesla model, just to realize steering is fucked

  • AlDin


    13 days ago

    Steering wheel 🤢💩🤢

  • TruthBy Design

    TruthBy Design

    13 days ago

    Man, I don’t often envy the luxuries that wealth affords (mansions, boats and the like) but the new Teslas make me feel a slight pang of regret that I can’t afford to experience this amazing tech.

    • Athuman Uwayo

      Athuman Uwayo

      10 days ago

      100% I feel you man Tesla’s are so fucking cool hopefully I might be able to buy one

  • Jan Rademan

    Jan Rademan

    13 days ago

    If they make that car talk, I'm gonna loose it.

  • Bruce Collins

    Bruce Collins

    13 days ago

    Best review I have watched Thank You

  • Deepak Nair

    Deepak Nair

    13 days ago

    You need real buttons for horn.

  • Baba_Vanga43 Simi

    Baba_Vanga43 Simi

    13 days ago

    Wow its the Best car in the world

  • ItsNick


    14 days ago

    you run under a 10 second quarter-mile you don't need a chute to race when ran my first 10 second pass in my evo I couldn't run again wasn't chute I need to have a certified roll cage .. thats through NHRA NZ

  • Gortt


    14 days ago

    Really good review, thank you!

  • Terr4one Pseudonym

    Terr4one Pseudonym

    14 days ago

    When are we gonna see Tesla vs Ferrari at Le Mans? Who cares about drag races? blah, When is Tesla going to have a racing team at Sebring Le Mans and etc? S0ooo cool

  • mem_ry


    14 days ago

    DAMNIT Marques.. now you got me thinking back, over my years of driving, exactly how many miles in total have I driven? Putting the mindset of driving into a skill category rather than.. "just a normal everyday thing humans do, on a level of NOT THINKING OF THE IMPORTANT NUMBERS".
    Thank you

  • turdwaller


    14 days ago

    Ever try a "steering knob"? Could be a perfect fit for the Yoke steering wheel. Inexpensive and easy to attach and detach. Worth the try?

    • SEAL


      9 days ago

      i just think of that episode on the grand tour where Clarkson sticks a penis to mays wheel

    • Nikky The Awesome

      Nikky The Awesome

      11 days ago

      Wow that is a great idea

    • Cassie Angel

      Cassie Angel

      12 days ago

      Best idea

  • Depri Chef

    Depri Chef

    14 days ago

    The sort of performance is necessary for ppl who are religious on cars, like everyone who is willing to pay 100k on a car. Its like the love for Jesus, who isnt living so this no real love. A love into the spechs, the feel, the status, the coolness factor. But all this has nothing to do with the car, its just a mirroring of the ego of the driver.
    If women invent cars, the world would look totally different. And its sad. Because all these power and luxury needs a big battery. The hp, the higher is the acceleration, the higher is the energy consumption. Its an exponential function. If Musk would design a Tesla on high efficiency, the car has not the be a lot smaller, but its has about 150hp, in due this a lot smaller battery, therefore a lot less of weight for the car, which leads to the same range. Sure, not a thing for a broken ego or for posing but very good for the future of this planet. Where do you wanne drive on a planet with 50°C average?

  • Gerard o'leary

    Gerard o'leary

    14 days ago

    Awful looking thing, inside and out

  • Avarua59


    14 days ago

    The Tesla Model S Plaid set a new Nürburgring lap record for production EVs. It beat the Porsche Taycan by 12 seconds. Elon Musk said that the Tesla was straight from the factory without any modifications and that he hopes to try again with carbon breaks, aerodynamic surfaces and track tires.

  • Cap'n Snackbeard

    Cap'n Snackbeard

    14 days ago

    Can you get the not-video-game-controller version?

  • Omair bin Enam

    Omair bin Enam

    14 days ago

    Tesla is a car made to be driven on the clouds, not the road.

  • Eddy.G Delaleu

    Eddy.G Delaleu

    15 days ago

    Like everything except the white interior…. Looks nice but hard to maintain.

  • Samuel Ashley Rawson Hill

    Samuel Ashley Rawson Hill

    15 days ago

    Tesla wanting to make people use autopilot more so makes the yoke steering wheel which is annoying to use to drive normally 🤣

  • Σωτήριος Αναγνωστόπουλος

    Σωτήριος Αναγνωστόπουλος

    15 days ago

    The wheel isn't just bad...it's DANGEROUS. When your about to crash you react by instinct and that instinct is based on a ROUND wheel .