Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

Published on Aug 26, 2021
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Samsung made a folding phone I can actually recommend to real humans!
Crucial SSDs:
That shirt!
Flip 3 skins:

Tech I'm using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

Phone provided by Samsung for review.


Marques Brownlee
  • THE X Pdawg

    THE X Pdawg

    31 minute ago

    I wish it was an unboxing instead

  • Travis Walker

    Travis Walker

    Hour ago

    Wireless charge while folded

  • Steven Lantigua

    Steven Lantigua

    Hour ago

    Looks like a gameboy sp when its closed..aahhliiikeit

  • windstillrises


    Hour ago

    The biggest fuck you to the iphone would be if they gave us a millennial pink version

  • George NII

    George NII

    3 hours ago

    Samsung has finally gone fully rainbow 😒

  • vancityguy


    5 hours ago

    Where is the phone manufactured?

  • psysword


    10 hours ago

    Ordered from T-Mobile and traded in my older phone for peanuts!!! Great time to shop

  • Phil Nolan

    Phil Nolan

    11 hours ago

    I'm not sure who the target audience is for this phone. I mean the main benefit is that it's gets smaller when you put it away. The only people I can think of who need that are women with small pants pockets or handbags.

  • AFallingTree


    12 hours ago

    can anyone tell my why people want a folding phone over a standard slab of glass?

  • The Wonderful World of Tangie

    The Wonderful World of Tangie

    12 hours ago

    Lmao I need this so bad just to hang up on my husband 😂 plus I love samsung

  • It's GAWPO

    It's GAWPO

    12 hours ago

    Does it run call of duty mobile that's all I need to know

  • UncleAir


    14 hours ago

    I want that wallpaper he's using. Can anyone tell me what that is

  • knocknockify


    15 hours ago

    That’s a Game Boy Advance SP

  • spi ka

    spi ka

    16 hours ago

    wallpapper plz :P

  • Riingo


    18 hours ago

    I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max right now.
    Kinda want this though, I wonder if the switch would be worth it?

  • Marques Brown

    Marques Brown

    21 hour ago

    I love the wallpaper on the first scene where can I find it?

  • Club n Bone

    Club n Bone

    22 hours ago

    Nope. Do it without the crease and I'll buy it.

  • Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez

    22 hours ago

    Big bird likes you bro

  • home screen satup

    home screen satup

    Day ago

    Plz wallpaper link

  • Rehan Dhansay

    Rehan Dhansay

    Day ago

    Hey Marques may i know wallpaper name, i truly love that.

  • Esethu Botoman

    Esethu Botoman

    Day ago


  • marvin howard

    marvin howard

    Day ago

    What wallpaper is that it's nice

  • Mech61x X

    Mech61x X

    Day ago

    In the video I can barely even notice the crease. They definitely did a good job minimizing the crease as much as they did. Great job Samsung

  • cooze


    Day ago

    I want this so bad lol i might trade in my iPhoneXR 😂

  • BUNNO Gaming

    BUNNO Gaming

    Day ago

    Hmm mice

  • MrTroxism


    Day ago

    what about phone case

  • OldCountryman


    2 days ago

    Foldable is not the future

  • Bronz3


    2 days ago

    U dont usually unbox now do ya? Just reviews... I really love those hot unboxing vids, damn nasty!

  • Gabriel Roy

    Gabriel Roy

    2 days ago


  • emaldon7


    2 days ago

    I got one of these and absolutely love it! Just wish it had Dex though...

  • James Boyce

    James Boyce

    2 days ago

    Does it annoy anyone else that the corner radius of the screen doesn’t perfectly match the outside of the phone?

  • Abo Ali

    Abo Ali

    2 days ago


  • AAO Tube

    AAO Tube

    2 days ago

    I'm sure Samsung watches this video, and be like okay we know the changes to make for flip 4

  • maxroman2010


    2 days ago

    I really hate that you and other smaller influencers overhype the gimmick of higher refresh rate this much….

  • Maple the cub

    Maple the cub

    2 days ago


  • Pro Media

    Pro Media

    2 days ago

    Samsung: unfold your world
    Apple : No other phone is like iPhone

  • Daniel Wakeling

    Daniel Wakeling

    3 days ago

    ‘Sir, this is a Fucking Wendy’s’ 😂 4.20

  • Al Lex

    Al Lex

    3 days ago

    Flip flop phone. Useless expensive piece of s**t

  • Kenw KLS

    Kenw KLS

    3 days ago

    the crease would annoy me. the reason why I wouldnt get this phone



    3 days ago

    It’s ugly 😭

  • Digitalis Etherium

    Digitalis Etherium

    3 days ago

    The battery life is garbage. Every single one we have sold has been returned.

  • yexxer


    3 days ago

    The only thing stopping me from buying one is battery life. Hopefully they improve it soon

  • Tiffany Nguyen

    Tiffany Nguyen

    3 days ago

    flip phone will be my next choice because phones are getting too big and bulky, can't even fit my pocket :(

  • 3ddy


    3 days ago


  • Downup


    3 days ago

    Will get flip next time i renew my phonething

  • Aashish Basyal

    Aashish Basyal

    3 days ago

    The idea should’ve been something that shrinks to fit your pocket easily , however the bulk whenit folds still exists.

  • Sachin Nikale

    Sachin Nikale

    3 days ago

    I don't know why people don't get excited with this news revolutionary things samsung is doing and the same people get excited for a new I phone that is going to come with a nonsense 60Hz refresh rate and a same big Big notch , don't call yourself a tech guy if you are one of those.

  • Tyler Brock

    Tyler Brock

    3 days ago

    We are going backwards this is fucking stupid

  • Abdlh


    3 days ago

    Just disappointed with the battery size, i have a phone with the same screen size which has a 4700mah battery. I guess this phone is for those who use their phones very little as it is just a hassle to keep flipping just to reply msgs and do things.

  • Ryan Puebla

    Ryan Puebla

    4 days ago

    Looks like a gameboy when flipped lol

  • Nadine Anne

    Nadine Anne

    4 days ago

    I actually regret buying an iPhone 12 Pro. Samsung is so much better with their creativity and originality. I may just consider trading my iPhone for the Z Flip 3, I love the old school look to it, the originality and creativity and the fact that it folds and fits perfectly in all pockets. Thanks for the great review!

  • Victor Onipede

    Victor Onipede

    4 days ago

    Apple will produce a folding when Samsung is able to remove the crease. 😂

  • Shiva Surya

    Shiva Surya

    4 days ago

    Request to make a video on custom roms

  • midnight Angel624

    midnight Angel624

    4 days ago

    Dude I still have my first Gen samsung fold its still dope have no regrets.



    4 days ago

    Samsung is always ahead in design and new features and then all the other companies play catch-up

  • Lee Sand

    Lee Sand

    4 days ago

    IMF he is so cuteeeeee!!!

  • Trump WillNotSurrender

    Trump WillNotSurrender

    4 days ago

    Apple is foolish for not making a foldable iphone. I still have an iPhone X and it’s hard to break away from Apple but I just might. This phone looks clean.

  • Thekinkshamer


    4 days ago

    If Apple did a foldable phone he’ll be hyping it up but obviously it’s android so he’s just shutting on it

  • ninni ._. burninni

    ninni ._. burninni

    4 days ago

    Just buy a flip phone

  • Nerya Ozarowski

    Nerya Ozarowski

    4 days ago

    What if it falls?? There is no chase

  • enter a name here

    enter a name here

    4 days ago

    Youtube promotes "people destroying the Nature earth" !

  • Quabhena Nisco

    Quabhena Nisco

    4 days ago

    Pls am confused between samsung a52 and samsung note 9 one to buy. Help me to get the better one

  • Rusty Rocket

    Rusty Rocket

    4 days ago

    If I were to get this phone I would try to find a case as a pokedex

  • Kidilan Firoz

    Kidilan Firoz

    4 days ago


  • George Uzzle

    George Uzzle

    5 days ago

    We're back to having the Gameboy Advance square imprint in all my jeans.

  • Loitersquad E

    Loitersquad E

    5 days ago

    I got 12 pro max. Need a compact phone. I work alot and use galaxy for work phone. Its still to big. The folding aspect is good

  • Marko Ranki

    Marko Ranki

    5 days ago

    I think foldable phones are the future as they provide a way for manufacturers to offer bigger screens. In my opinion 7”is the biggest screen that users are able to handle without the fold. Bigger than that and there needs to be a fold feature present.

  • Marcelino Daggatt

    Marcelino Daggatt

    5 days ago

    My mom has been complaining non-stop since Blackberry stopped making phones because all the new phones are too big. She's gonna love this.

  • S DUBG

    S DUBG

    5 days ago

    So is it a S21 that folds? Cause if so I'm buying one tomorrow

  • The Best Gaming

    The Best Gaming

    5 days ago

    Is it creased or am I not seeing it right? Because when the light hits the middle, it seems creased.

  • Artyom Koldy

    Artyom Koldy

    5 days ago

    I’d buy and use a purse as a grown tall beefy black male just to escape from your preconceived notion of reality.

  • Alexandru Dumitrescu

    Alexandru Dumitrescu

    5 days ago

    Hey what’s that rainbow wallpaper, where is it from? Super nice !

  • ssai htc

    ssai htc

    5 days ago

    Loved it ❤️

  • mammage


    5 days ago

    I've had this phone and have unfortunately had to send it back. Not because it got damaged or anything but because that display is so damn tall!
    I've come from small phones (S10e, Z1 Compact) and thought this would be like a larger version of them. Not at all. This thing is huge and a hassle to hold.
    But what's a real shame to cap it off. The taller aspect ratio of 9:22 renders a lot of games that haven't been optimised for super wide-angle screens completely unplayable. As in, the phone has cropped off HUD elements for the game unplayable.
    That and the fact that with how tight the hinge is this isn't a one-handed phone, just made it not the phone for me. Tempted instead by the S21 now.

  • Zach Matthews

    Zach Matthews

    5 days ago

    So I bought this phone about a week ago. Absolutely great I haven't had any complaints it's been a bit of learning curve especially with the dip in the middle of the display. Otherwise great. But this morning I had it in my bed and it kind of bended just a bit. And when I picked it up I panicked because I'm not used to having a phone that can bend. So I thought that I broke it. before instantly remembering "oh yeah, it's supposed to do that." Been a long time since I've had a folding phone. Going to take a little bit to get used to having a folding phone again.

  • ErrADDict


    5 days ago

    Does anyone know if this'll fit in the Razer Kishi? I love that thing, I carry it everywhere

  • LH


    5 days ago

    Samsung missed the chance to call it the Galax-Z flip 3 creativity is dead

  • Music Crasher

    Music Crasher

    5 days ago

    So you are the weeknd fan🙄❣️

  • Hero Hour

    Hero Hour

    5 days ago

    That's really innovative. Much cooler than any iPhones in the last 5 years.

  • Peyton The Weirdo

    Peyton The Weirdo

    5 days ago

    I'm getting this phone tomorrow!! 😝😍
    I personally prefer Samsung phones than iPhones

  • nico4132


    5 days ago

    Is it water resistant?

    • Peyton The Weirdo

      Peyton The Weirdo

      5 days ago

      It can survive a splash, or if you drop it in a puddle. But try not to get it wet on purpose

  • Georgi K

    Georgi K

    5 days ago

    Nice shoes

  • Jon Lee Hawker

    Jon Lee Hawker

    6 days ago

    Ok I have a question for everyone that does have this: does the phone stay in when flipped open? I'd really like an answer because I plan on getting one

    • Pranav Bharti

      Pranav Bharti

      5 days ago


  • Kingg


    6 days ago

    Whats the name of the wallpaper? Can anyone tell me.

  • Jazzy W

    Jazzy W

    6 days ago

    I’m an Apple user thru and thru and I need a new phone honestly it’s really scary that I’m thinking about going to Samsung I have no clue y tho lol

  • Bekzod Kuchkarov

    Bekzod Kuchkarov

    6 days ago

    Samsung bodycam?🤔

  • I AskSara

    I AskSara

    6 days ago

    I got the phone,now i want that wallpaper!!!

    • Abbas khan

      Abbas khan

      2 days ago

      Hay where can i get that wallpaper ?

    • I AskSara

      I AskSara

      5 days ago

      Nvm i got it

  • Saee A

    Saee A

    6 days ago

    I really love this fun and was planning on buying it or the Fold. The only thing is, I have an iPhone, iPad, etc and trapped in the ecosystem. I want to be free but iCloud and iMessage has me reeled in!!!

    • Ryūjin Jakka

      Ryūjin Jakka

      Day ago

      I’m in the same boat lol. I still have an iPhone X (4 years old) and it’s working decently well. Apparently I can trade this bad boy in and get this flippy phone for $6 a month…then I noticed I can trade it in towards the iPhone 13 pro max for $13 a month…or the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5G for $14. I love the flip though.

    • Brett Abaurrea

      Brett Abaurrea

      Day ago

      I’m the same way!!! I also have a MacBook and Airpods and love how they all work together and how easy it is. Apple has me in its grasps but I want to switch to this phone so bad

  • Rywokast


    6 days ago

    why do you need this phone if your pockets are massive enough for it to rotate around in there haha

  • SiloEntertainment


    6 days ago

    Now how do we put on a phone case 🤔

  • Sam


    6 days ago

    Its so fucking cool

  • pete g

    pete g

    6 days ago

    Some apps automatically create their own widget (for example Strava app). Can those widgets be added to the external screen or are you only limited to the 6 default widgets? Thanks

    • LChineze


      5 days ago

      the widgets in the cover display are only the ones from samsung like the now playing, weather, alarms, etc. only a total of five so far, i really wish more widgets could be added.

  • Amber Libby

    Amber Libby

    6 days ago

    My brother has broke 2 phones in the past month and now he's going to but this one 😅

  • Angel L

    Angel L

    6 days ago

    good review

  • kenneth yeap

    kenneth yeap

    6 days ago

    Not me watching with $20 in my account 💀

  • anurag mishra

    anurag mishra

    6 days ago

    atleast it seems like flagship not like a same thing from apple every year.

  • Andrew G

    Andrew G

    7 days ago

    can still see the crease as soon as you open it. no good.

  • V S

    V S

    7 days ago

    I can't wait for the Flip 4 or 5, then I'll definitely have to buy it.

  • Tony


    7 days ago

    I prefer the fold on the next version it better include the small s-pen then you have the perfect 10 phone.