Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Impressions: Design Refresh!

Published on Aug 11, 2021
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The Z Flip 3 gets redesigned, drops (technically) to $999, and adds 120Hz 🤓

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Impressions:

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Marques Brownlee
  • Robbie


    7 hours ago

    might wait for flip 4

  • Rhea RFL

    Rhea RFL

    9 hours ago

    if I had no choice I would change from iPhone to this it’s the only andriod I would get

  • Tiep Nguyen

    Tiep Nguyen

    13 hours ago

    Really like it

  • nicolas2747


    14 hours ago

    So what should I buy??? Flip 3 or iPhone 📱 13pro max? Which one is better to use. 🧐😳

    • sofia


      11 hours ago

      Get the flip. It has much much more features

  • VibezCafe


    23 hours ago

    The only android that I’m considering buying

  • C. Harrison

    C. Harrison

    Day ago

    But what about cases? It’ll make it way too bulky for a pocket folded with a case.

  • siti mariam

    siti mariam

    Day ago

    the battery quickly goes down

  • Gustavo YAPM

    Gustavo YAPM

    Day ago

    03:20 : what a fU@% was that on the left?!

  • Homo Sapien

    Homo Sapien

    Day ago

    Great video. Thank you. I would like you to say how long does the battery ... hold (? what's ne word) but I can check it online.

  • _milkyeon_


    2 days ago

    I love this phone sm 😭 I just prefer the apple software, the phones on the other hand, SAMSUNG IS SM BETTER

  • bomberboybadass


    2 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me the appeal of a folding smartphone, I just don’t get it.

  • August 25th

    August 25th

    2 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who spend 1k on a phone every year it's such a waste

    • UrGirlMarie


      Day ago

      people can do whatever they want with their money lmao

  • Raquel Alfonso

    Raquel Alfonso

    3 days ago

    Por favor, desde Argentina, que precio, gracias.

  • Zora J

    Zora J

    3 days ago

    Bro 999 In which I know it's not Dubai 999dhirams phone won't have all these features

  • Mad Mum Cool Daughter

    Mad Mum Cool Daughter

    3 days ago


  • spaceman


    3 days ago

    You need a haircut my dude

  • Rosydreams


    3 days ago

    If iPhone did this people would say it's unique and go crazy . iPhone is so overrated (even though I have one lol)

  • Team HPG

    Team HPG

    3 days ago

    Say no more fam im buying the tomorrow

  • Harley RK

    Harley RK

    3 days ago

    Careful with the flip, I have caught my finger in it a few times.

  • Big cat lover Ely’s

    Big cat lover Ely’s

    3 days ago

    Remember the Motorola v3 ? 😻😻😻😻

  • Mind -O- Freaks

    Mind -O- Freaks

    4 days ago

    Do you need a screen protector for the outer cover screen (small screen) as well? Between, I have applied the Spigen Tough Armor cover on the phone.

  • Honey st

    Honey st

    4 days ago

    Thinking about it does screens like these folding phone have screen protectors how would that work

  • S DUBG

    S DUBG

    5 days ago

    The fact that anybody could hate on a foldable or flipable screen is insane. Wether it has some flaws here n there this is nuts and I love it

  • Pam benta

    Pam benta

    5 days ago

    bro i can have that phone the one that you use to review😍.. honestly cant affort that kind of phone..

  • Wild Boy Trash

    Wild Boy Trash

    5 days ago

    It cost $499 now

  • Pijush Deb

    Pijush Deb

    5 days ago

    The Z series are like the touch version of Nokia flipping keypad phones

  • Flhvictory G

    Flhvictory G

    5 days ago

    This phone looks so nice! I never thought water proof is possible for foldable display phone. Props to Samsung.

  • MASformation


    5 days ago

    Aah I wish they released it in deep ark red colour..

  • Blake Thomas

    Blake Thomas

    5 days ago

    Still going to wait, want to see how well existing flip phones last

  • AKEN4


    6 days ago

    My only concern is people are gonna be quite annoyed in long term about always having to flip the phone open since we got so used to lifting the phone and looking at the screen. Fold is good and compact but that opening motion sucks.
    Buuuuut the Samsung Fold is looking big but very good concept.

  • Florin Nanu

    Florin Nanu

    6 days ago

    At the end of the day, with all the tech gimmicks in the world , Samsung is still Samsung and iPhone is still iPhone.

    • truth seeker

      truth seeker

      6 days ago

      nobody said samsung is iphone and iphone is samsung. not sure what your point is.

  • EZ4U2Say11


    6 days ago

    Lame. Let’s fold it in half but wait you get to manage a tiny little screen on the outside smaller than old metro pcs/ cricket flip phone so you don’t have to cumbersomely open it what a drag right?

  • pete g

    pete g

    6 days ago

    Some apps automatically create their own widget. Can those be added to the external screen or are you limited to the 6 default widgets?

  • Night Days

    Night Days

    7 days ago

    But all these new phones. And the signal has not improved in 15+ years. Here in Australia. Any outskirts of the city and u have no signal. Any country town here In Australia no signal.state to state no signal. This is a disrcase. What if i break down with a baby.and no signal.

    • truth seeker

      truth seeker

      6 days ago

      thats up to the local call network companies to fix the signal. not the phone company fault.

  • You're Right but...

    You're Right but...

    7 days ago

    I don't get it. "We've made a folding phone with a screen on the outside so you don't have to unfold it".
    Why not just have a single rigid screen. Problem solved.

    • truth seeker

      truth seeker

      6 days ago

      because something holding a smaller phone just listening to music with the cover display is quicker to use. also you can place the phone like a laptop and that brings many functionality.

  • Jason Nunez

    Jason Nunez

    7 days ago

    This Z Flip looks awesome and nice Cel Phone my be this. will be my next phone to get 👍🏻👍🏻

  • skinnysteve713


    7 days ago

    I held off on buying folding phones when they first released, though it was tough, but told myself "No". But now that some time has been giving to revise them a bit, I think this will be my first folding phone soon.

  • Sketchy Sniping

    Sketchy Sniping

    7 days ago

    Worse phone ever .. had mine 2 days n got sent straight back ... slow charging .. battery drains quickly.. laggy and poor wifi connectivity

  • william brumley

    william brumley

    7 days ago

    Selling my pixel 4a 5g for this. I love it

  • Created Shocked

    Created Shocked

    7 days ago

    Worst and funniest phone ever. Wasted my free time.

  • Luffy and Goku Skits

    Luffy and Goku Skits

    7 days ago

    I am saving up for this, I’ve never seen such a unique phone

  • Laineylovecupcake33


    7 days ago

    My dad said I can get Samsung flip phone and I think it looks really cool

  • Tim Anders

    Tim Anders

    7 days ago

    Dolby Atmos stereo speakers.. Lol. Literally the dumbest thing EVER made for a smartphone. I guess though if you don't know what Atmos actually is and does, you would think it was cool.

  • Oscar


    8 days ago

    The only flex is that it flips, and that's also where it ends. Not gonna spend 1k on this when i can get a xiaomi for half the price with much better specs

  • Ahmad Akkad

    Ahmad Akkad

    8 days ago

    When scrolling, is anyone feeling/seeing a lag at the grease line, I am noticing it on my flip 3

  • Itzz Uzair

    Itzz Uzair

    8 days ago

    Really didn't like how these flip and folding phone look and flip but this one looks good

  • Alexandrel Maier

    Alexandrel Maier

    8 days ago

    What do you mean by "regular people"?

  • WHM Bandara

    WHM Bandara

    8 days ago

    Im in sri lanka , i dont have money

  • Kyle Calder

    Kyle Calder

    8 days ago

    I wish the outside screen was bigger and could be used more like the phone

  • Louis


    9 days ago

    This phone is so popular so that u can't buy that rn. You need to wait.

  • Hayden Mills

    Hayden Mills

    9 days ago

    I fucking need this phone.

  • Jamal N

    Jamal N

    9 days ago

    I'd love if the camera popped out, rather than having a pinhole front camera

  • Krisma Turker

    Krisma Turker

    9 days ago

    3:20 THIEF!!!

  • ino g

    ino g

    9 days ago


  • Sergio Olman

    Sergio Olman

    9 days ago

    Maybe I should buy this and give out to alot of people

  • Riglow Kun

    Riglow Kun

    9 days ago

    Have a note 10 plus. Thinking on upgrading, though my only concern is the aspect ratio. I don't want it to be TOO small or TOO narrow

  • Hanumanth Rao

    Hanumanth Rao

    9 days ago

    Bought this phone and I'm loving it :)

  • momo


    9 days ago

    120hz on a flexible screen.... I love the future

  • Gabi G.

    Gabi G.

    9 days ago

    Great review 👍🏼 nice

  • Harley RK

    Harley RK

    9 days ago

    Is there a way to close the Z flip 3 while on a phone conversation without hanging up?

  • Ethel


    10 days ago

    Looks good but for me it's just unnecessary

  • Carmen Dee

    Carmen Dee

    10 days ago

    Finally something different. I’m so bored with the iPhone & regular Samsung phones.

  • Start Your Games

    Start Your Games

    10 days ago

    this honestly what we need to see in apple..?😐 do you guys think apple is slackinnn?

  • Scott-Michael Kellar

    Scott-Michael Kellar

    10 days ago

    I just got mine yesterday and so far I like it. Theres a few learning curves after using my rog 3 but they both have their own benefits.

  • Mohamed Abouelnaga

    Mohamed Abouelnaga

    10 days ago

    There is an alien @3:20 took the box very fast.. and he has 3 fingers only!

  • 김아무개


    11 days ago

    Dam Tik Tok PLEASE KILL No Tae Moon

  • Nator


    11 days ago

    excuse my caps but....I WANT THIS FLIP 3 PHONE

  • EliteDavid Horne

    EliteDavid Horne

    11 days ago

    Samsung winning me over with this. But I've just started a two year contract on an S21 and I keep my phone for three years at a time now. Maybe next time, and with better dust water protection.

  • Cole Baylor

    Cole Baylor

    11 days ago

    I’d still get a phone case

  • Markace ♠️

    Markace ♠️

    11 days ago

    Can't be real

  • Michael Tracy

    Michael Tracy

    11 days ago

    I just got the flip 3 just 2 days ago. It's green and I'm still working with it.

  • Cédric S

    Cédric S

    11 days ago

    I'm glad flip phones are back,I should get my old samsung out again :)

  • Exela Exela

    Exela Exela

    11 days ago

    I love everything about this phone but the 3300mah battery is really disappointing. A small battery paired with a 120hz display isn't such a great idea.

  • Unreal Spaces

    Unreal Spaces

    12 days ago

    honestly I was just about to buy one, now I am not so keen...

  • Harley RK

    Harley RK

    12 days ago

    I traded my Galaxy Note 10+ for this phone. Can the Galaxy Z flip 3 5G use Samsung Notes?

    • Harley RK

      Harley RK

      9 days ago

      I will answer my own question over here, yes it can, it even has Samsung Notes already installed.

  • teddytac253


    12 days ago

    Dude this phone is awesome!! I wonder if MetroPCS has it

  • Olly Evans

    Olly Evans

    12 days ago

    Wow. It looks incredible. Samsung 👏👏👏

  • Matthew Darke

    Matthew Darke

    12 days ago

    Korea, home of the parent company, not big on us Mo's, hires a Mo, to secure interest in US Mo's for their phones.

  • damian3182


    13 days ago

    $999.00 to swipe TikTok videos all day? Nahhhh

  • Michael Griffith

    Michael Griffith

    13 days ago

    Jesus god how we have come to 1,000 phones! Never did i ever break 100

  • V-0


    13 days ago

    After watching media's getting exposed by Arun's video, it really surprises that in fact you really are only allowed to show how it looks in the first week lol

  • Better_than_yew


    13 days ago

    Looks like shit.

  • RoLex


    13 days ago

    U are giving NOTHING Back.
    U made a fortune from Youtube, from subscribers and mil viewers, and U are giving Dh1t back.
    Place a 10% of your profit in the hands of those who made U RICH.

  • Cae T

    Cae T

    13 days ago

    z fold 3 have a attractive design what if no need to flip to answer the all it’s really perfect 🤩

  • The IM Storm

    The IM Storm

    13 days ago

    I don't get the benefits of a flip phone like that. Doesn't really reduce the size, thickness over length and just seems like an extra step you need to take with unflipping it to fully use it.

  • NaturalBornKillers2


    14 days ago

    Ow 999$? Xtremely cheap, thats like 4 weeks of my pay check, when can get a xiaomi for 500-400 and does more

  • Kr Rollins

    Kr Rollins

    14 days ago

    Great helpful review

  • Marvin Yeap

    Marvin Yeap

    14 days ago

    A flip phone with full display really makes sense! For men who dont carry “man bags” is small in pants pocket, and when out of pocket, is big enough for practical use and reading. I’m an iPhone user and am thinking to get an iPhone mini due to the “size in pocket” argument, but this from Samsung really makes sense.

  • Laine On the Go

    Laine On the Go

    14 days ago

    This phone looks so good! 😍😍🥰 Definitely makes me want a flip phone now! 🤩

  • Michael SN

    Michael SN

    14 days ago

    I'm never buying a Samsung product in my life after that Todrick Hall comercial.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler

    14 days ago

    Just don't go to the beach for a walk on the sand.

  • Soukayna B

    Soukayna B

    14 days ago

    What about the screen it won't have problems with that too much folding?

  • Sergio Alejandro

    Sergio Alejandro

    14 days ago

    Looks like a Google Pixel from the back.

  • Jinsonyeondan


    14 days ago

    I'm gonna wait a few more months just in case they really another one. Learned my lesson.

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    14 days ago

    so convenient.

  • Thomas Good

    Thomas Good

    15 days ago

    I don't want to carry around an elephant in my pocket. Samsung devices are NOT my cup of tea.

  • seafu Ash S

    seafu Ash S

    15 days ago

    had me till you said 9, 99

  • The Lone Duckling

    The Lone Duckling

    15 days ago

    I'm thinking about buying the Samsung galaxy z when I start working and get paid, I'm so excited! I personally think that android phones are the best; theyre always super cute and convenient. I love the flip of this phone 📲 creative! 😍👍

  • Naomi G

    Naomi G

    15 days ago

    Do they have expandable storage? I've been living under a metaphorical rock lately and didn't know these fold/flip phones even existed until a couple of days ago when Samsung sent me a promo email. But I'm curious if the fold and/or flip can take an SD card.

    • Naomi G

      Naomi G

      14 days ago

      @kolim jone I agree, if only they release it in pink then it would be perfect.

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      14 days ago

      The flip is cute 😊

  • Mustafa Mohamed

    Mustafa Mohamed

    15 days ago

    Give me the old flip phone