Real Thoughts on Tech Leaks!

Published on Sep 13, 2021
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iPhone 14 was trending on Twitter last week.

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Marques Brownlee
  • Raihan Mdgician7

    Raihan Mdgician7

    Minute ago

    many even said the iPhone will have satellite connections lol, where is tht now?

  • BoW Skittlez

    BoW Skittlez

    39 minutes ago

    My inner curiosity likes leaks but I’d rather not have them. All it does it hype my up and I get disappointed when I dont see a feature I was looking for

  • Tristan Ndianga

    Tristan Ndianga

    4 hours ago

    If Iphone 14 looks like iphone 4, honestly I'm not in with those round bottom buttons

  • Gamer Tayhong

    Gamer Tayhong

    6 hours ago

    They tried to return it to apple but they refused it. It's called stupidity on literally so many levels.

  • Paper Melon

    Paper Melon

    14 hours ago

    "flat camera bump on the back" something feels wrong about this sentence 🤔

  • Astref


    22 hours ago

    The second Leak is like bad/lazy journalism

  • Joshua Robbins

    Joshua Robbins

    Day ago

    All a leak does for me is excite me and I enjoy finding out if those leaks were real or not. If apple didn’t do this one thing that got leaked then the fans will let them know how much they really wanted it and it could allow apple to make new fans by adding it to the next gadget.

  • Federica Dussi

    Federica Dussi

    Day ago

    I like the surprise We need more ahhaaaa moments in life .

  • Lokesh Chand

    Lokesh Chand

    Day ago

    Leak culture is becoming toxic

  • Bittu Jose

    Bittu Jose

    Day ago

    how much did u get ??

  • Shangram Mohammad

    Shangram Mohammad

    Day ago

    The leaks this year was out of control and total nonsense, where to begin.
    • From an always on display on the iPhone 13
    • To a mini led ipad mini ( which made no sense to begin with)
    • To the absolute worst predicted new resigned apple watch series 7!
    All false. These leakers just ruin the your view of how you perceive the actual event and therefore ruin your expectations.
    I would recommend staying away from leakers and every time they so called leak something. Remind them of the apple watch series 7. And don’t get your hopes up. What a disappointment of false leaks this year…

  • Joe G.P.

    Joe G.P.

    Day ago

    the iPhone 14 definitely won't be using lightning port anymore

  • Eduardo Appio Pini

    Eduardo Appio Pini

    2 days ago

    My thought on that subject is that some leaks ruin the product, for instance I don't need to know the exact specs or informations that will damage the product or the company.
    It's a hard work to build a product and to have all that job thrown away is not worth.
    I like the hype but don't ruin the presentation and being surprised.

  • Behtam


    2 days ago

    It looks like you've been sponsored by apple 🍎 since this leak damaged the sale

  • H Hh

    H Hh

    2 days ago

    Yea, because you can really trust Twitter

  • 01bigtrev


    2 days ago

    I’ve said for years Ming throws everything at the wall to see what sticks.

  • Jayy T

    Jayy T

    3 days ago

    So that's the whole story behind the iphone 4 leak. I heard Steve Jobs reference it on stage at that iphone 4 reveal. But I never knew the whole story.

  • Tushar Patil

    Tushar Patil

    3 days ago

    I mean, not completely agree with your opinion on ‘Leaks’.
    How can you decide that no one cares about leaks?? As per the data, people are not buying M1 Macbook pro due to Leaked upcoming M1X Macbook pro.
    Not everyone is crazy and eager to buy latest Apple products. There are smart audiences keeping eye on perfect product to come in picture.
    Let me share my experience: I wanted to buy a hatchback, but unfortunately the one I liked don’t have features that I was expecting, suddenly I heard leaks and rumours about it’s upcoming facelift model, which was rumoured to come with all the features that I was expected, so I decided to wait.. and after 11 months it officially launched and finally I bought the perfect one. Similarly, I’m planning to upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus, but I’m still not convinced to upgrade with latest iPhone 13, it has bigger camera bumps which definitely gonna irritate inside pockets, instead I prefer to go with iPhone 12. Or better to wait for iPhone 14, because as per iPhone 14 ‘Leaked’ design and specs it is worth to wait.
    You mentioned John Prosser but you didn’t talked much about Mark Gurman or Kuo.. basically all are leakers with 99% accuracy rate. And these leaker are somehow changing the game.
    I understand it is normal for you to take Apple’s side. Basically all giant smartphone companies have their actors like:
    Samsung has SuperSaf
    Huawei has Mrwhoosetheboss
    Apple has MKBHD

  • wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    3 days ago

    and someone spoiled the ending for you.

  • Izzuddin Fakarudin

    Izzuddin Fakarudin

    3 days ago

    Apple is good in creating bullshit lies as in the iphone 4 leaks(intentional) story, they obviously been working with Gizmodo for this in the first place.

  • Valdez Brown

    Valdez Brown

    3 days ago

    Aye MkBhd, I ain't mad at Cha. Gotta find something to today about to keep the people engaged. Create that controversy. 😁😁😁

  • sirpapaFOX


    3 days ago

    Tech leaks don’t bother me at all. They actually encourage the sale of a product for me. I find reasons why I need this now 😆
    A “let down” is investing 5seasons into a TV series and someone spoiled the ending for you.

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    3 days ago

    Following the leaks definitely takes the fun away from the actual reveal, similarly to watching gameplay footage of a game you're hyped for or loads of trailers for a specific film

  • Lee Anderson

    Lee Anderson

    3 days ago

    Phones are all so good now and of similar design (aside from the flippers) that the leaks aren’t really giving that much away. 6 or 8gb of ram? 90 or 120hz refresh? 4 or 5000 mah battery? Not that big of a deal.

    • wuoi zuiu

      wuoi zuiu

      3 days ago

      I will go from 13 to 14 if apple finally adds the underscreen finger print scanner. The rumored “hole punch” leak kinda eludes to that. Ill believe it when i see it though

  • Vincent Tseng

    Vincent Tseng

    4 days ago

    These leaks have become commercials for companies

  • Rafael Toro VIP

    Rafael Toro VIP

    4 days ago

    I stoped watching videos about leaks a long time ago. It is a waste of time. 👍

  • avin avin

    5 days ago

    He is the most smartest and interesting tech yotube

    • vbddfy euuyt

      vbddfy euuyt

      3 days ago

      I freaking remember. Back to memory land

  • savo


    5 days ago

    Still disappointed with iphone 13 even though didn’t follow the leaks

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    5 days ago

    I believe that it builds hype more than anything. It gets me excited to see how accurate the product leaks were

  • Nylotic


    5 days ago

    I actually get happy when the leaks are actually correct in the events. 😅
    I didn’t know people found that a “let down”

  • Syed Tanwir Ahmed

    Syed Tanwir Ahmed

    5 days ago

    jon prosser that guy i swear is a loon. his leak on the apple watch series 7 a complete bogus. Leaks were kind of more realistic until that guy showed up.

  • Este guey dijo....

    Este guey dijo....

    5 days ago

    Like MrWhosetheboss says Free marketing for those companies. But now days it's more likely paid publicity.

  • mercen5000


    5 days ago

    Did Big Head find the phone in the bar?

    • bouytt guyt

      bouytt guyt

      5 days ago

      have their own buzz

  • Jinto117


    6 days ago

    Don't ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next products. ⚙

  • PatrikPatrik1


    6 days ago

    I really appreciate your channel because it is so professional and not click-baity. It's calm and consistently balanced and you make it clear when needed that this is your perspective. Most channels that pop up for me on youtube around launches of products are "DON'T BUY THE IPHONE 13!!" or similar titles with deranged facial expressions. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your takes on these products and also these types of reflective videos. 
    That said, my thought on leaks is that I really try to stay surprised for apple events but since 2020 I've spent more time watching these types of videos discussing potential changes in iphones because I'm interested in them and it seems like my initial doubt that leaks will be able to know anything about future releases has been proven wrong since a lot of leaks that last couple of years have been true. But the september event really showed that leaks and rumours can never really be trusted.

  • Turbs


    6 days ago

    I will go from 13 to 14 if apple finally adds the underscreen finger print scanner. The rumored “hole punch” leak kinda eludes to that. Ill believe it when i see it though

  • TealTrumpet11


    6 days ago

    Leaks do ruin surprises, but now I just avoid any and all leaks/rumor videos on anything

  • Akinyemi Ajomole

    Akinyemi Ajomole

    6 days ago

    Everyone in the comments talking about leaks
    Me thinking about how much trouble the guy who forgot the iPhone 4 at the bar would have gotten into

  • s b

    s b

    6 days ago

    Wish iPhones went back to being rounded — really dont like the new design from iPhone 12 onward

  • cricket


    6 days ago

    I freaking remember. Back to memory land

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    6 days ago

    Jon Prosser is the man

  • Lisan Bradshaw

    Lisan Bradshaw

    6 days ago

    Best quote from a tech reviewer, “I’ll catch you on the other side though when the product actually comes out”

  • c3339409


    6 days ago

    so basically wrestling?!?

  • HeyitzEsther


    6 days ago

    I think leaks hype up an launch event because more people might tune in if they want a certain product. For example there been so many leaks on the new MacBook pros and I’m hoping the leaks are true.

  • Goldstone


    6 days ago

    Leaks are fun. Or at least they used to be when Apple made wow products

  • Shaneil Miller

    Shaneil Miller

    6 days ago

    Leaks ruining launch events!!! As Apple users we get excited every September anyway!!! Like the watch 7 I think the leaks ruined it for a lot of people. Apple don’t need leaks they have their own buzz

  • Tanvir Hussain

    Tanvir Hussain

    6 days ago

    MrWhoOSTheBoss > MkbHD

  • 馬健凱


    6 days ago

    This "high budget show" comment makes me wonder how much an Apple/Samsung event presentation costs.

  • CIC


    6 days ago

    I just want the new iPhone/Galaxy phone to come out so that I can afford the price-reduced previous generation one.

  • alex_de_tampa


    7 days ago

    When they remove the notch I’ll actually update

  • J S

    J S

    7 days ago

    I think you and Jason Cammisa (Hagarty, former Issimi and Motortrend) have very similar styles of presenting an argument. You both make potentially boring topics pretty entertaining and do so with convincing and close to airtight arguments. I'd love to hear you get him on your podcast.

  • Will L

    Will L

    7 days ago

    MKB talking him not caring about leaks when he does nothing but read off specs and show off new products. lol.

  • Y M

    Y M

    7 days ago

    We humans are the future of technology

  • YG99


    7 days ago

    I bought a brand new iphone 12 pro a few days ago. Here's my logic. I already had an iphone 8. My service provider was offering 700$ credit for a trade in. The same provider only offered 300$ for the iphone 7. It was reasonable to assume that the trade in value for my phone would decrease when the new iphone came out. As a teen who worked all summer, I kind of want to keep as much money as possible. So I got a 12 pro for 300 bucks.

  • Saddam Guru P 🅥

    Saddam Guru P 🅥

    7 days ago

    Thnku everyone for love support! Hope all enjoying this pin my Comment 💔💔

  • David Nikyema

    David Nikyema

    7 days ago

    Let’s be honest here we all watch Fa pa Ta for the toilet 🚽 jokes Jon Prosser just too funny

  • Tim Taylor

    Tim Taylor

    7 days ago

    Shots Fired!!?

  • Bryce Wilkins

    Bryce Wilkins

    7 days ago

    Another great video black boy!

  • pdg90


    7 days ago

    The PS5 design leaks were way off 😆

  • Space Exploration

    Space Exploration

    7 days ago

    I think this entire leak culture is real trash. Leaks have become so accurate, that you are basically not surprised by Apple presentations at all anymore and so I tend to avoid any content about leaks. It's like watching a movie but you already know all of the story and just come to see how well it was produced. Thing is though, for me, Apple presentations have lost their spirit since Steve left and so I don't really care too much about em anymore anyways

  • Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan

    7 days ago

    i think, with the small updates each year recently with iphones, the huge difference in the looks of the iphone 14 leaks could get someone to wait one more year if they were thinking of getting the 13 and do not update phones often.

  • ôöòøōõ


    7 days ago

    I don’t give a sh!t if the leaks ruins the surprise or wow factor. Already tired of chasing the new products.I am much more rational now and only buy things I actually need, not because it looks new.

  • Noah Potter

    Noah Potter

    7 days ago

    Marques and the studio had me enjoying a history lesson...

  • Aires Walter dos Santos

    Aires Walter dos Santos

    7 days ago

    Well, for some good reason I follow this channel and not Jon Prosser's. 🤷🏽

  • Marc W

    Marc W

    7 days ago

    How many times is the word ‘Product’ used in this. 😃🤣

  • Boyfly


    7 days ago

    I feel like this video from MKBHD is abit salty… I hope Jon Prossors leak is true and we get that exact iPhone 14 next year bcos that is a big leak in my eyes and I’m all for the design

  • Jab John

    Jab John

    8 days ago

    MKBHD The next day: I’ve been testing this phone for about 7 weeks now 🪑

  • BlackCell22


    8 days ago

    Apple has lost 5 or 6 of their prototype iPhones in bars in the bay area almost every year. They get a bunch of free press, so its part of their marketing campaign now.

  • Matilda Benjamin

    Matilda Benjamin

    8 days ago


    • Mark William

      Mark William

      7 days ago

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    • Julius Sampson

      Julius Sampson

      8 days ago

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      James David

      8 days ago

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  • viiont eooiy

    viiont eooiy

    8 days ago

    It's weird that people care so much about the aesthetics when most smartphones look nearly indistinguishable from each other compared to phones of the 2000s

  • Subzero Arctics

    Subzero Arctics

    8 days ago

    I agree. I was totally let down by the actual Apple Watch Series 7, and the iPhone was basically just as expected which was disappointing as well.

  • A2 Brothers

    A2 Brothers

    8 days ago

    sir i am from india watch your video you have a lot of iphone i have a lot of mind to run iphone so can you give me an iphone please please my place is up banaras pandeypur chhotalalpur plzz plzz plzz plzz

  • David Blanco

    David Blanco

    8 days ago

    yes they do i don't like that

  • Khaiweng Leong

    Khaiweng Leong

    8 days ago

    Apart from you, Marques, and a few others, the rest are just morons spewing bollocks.🤣🤣🤣 People are actually believing them?

    • viiont eooiy

      viiont eooiy

      8 days ago

      Onlyfans leaks are the best leaks

  • YT 油条Youtiao

    YT 油条Youtiao

    8 days ago

    I can leak all future iPhone hardware and all you need to know that it will be the best strongest fastest iPhone ever

  • RastafiT23


    8 days ago

    IPHONE 11 gang No upgrade for me at all . I’ll wait for the 14 😂

  • Ferguson Martin

    Ferguson Martin

    8 days ago

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      Clovis Russel

      8 days ago

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    • Nick Dixon

      Nick Dixon

      8 days ago


    • Nick Dixon

      Nick Dixon

      8 days ago

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    • Nick Dixon

      Nick Dixon

      8 days ago

      @McBride Amy Contact him today and testify later.

    • Ken Sean

      Ken Sean

      8 days ago

      I will give him a trial, testimonies here is really amazing.

  • Undefined


    8 days ago

    I look at leaks sort of like trailers for movies. Would I enjoy a tech release/movie more without seeing or hearing anything about it beforehand? Sure. But the experience lasts longer and is better when we get teased.
    On top of that you can always choose not to see anything but who does that? 😜

  • Enocha Seine

    Enocha Seine

    8 days ago

    I enjoy seeing new things that are confirmed but I get very annoyed with many different creators who click bait and claim they have insider knowledge and all they have is just story's from other writers who have put in the work to find the information or have completely made up most if not all of the information on there channels. Just makes it harder to find good content and waste of time for me cause I have to sift through all the garbage just to find an actual good content creator and not just a copy and paste, cash grab.

    PS. Love your videos. Great job!!

  • Luckie stripes

    Luckie stripes

    8 days ago

    Personally I do like the teasers and leaks and stuff leading up to the release of new tech. It gets me even more hyped somehow

  • Connor Rawle

    Connor Rawle

    8 days ago

    So much background noise on this video.

  • MJ vlogs

    MJ vlogs

    8 days ago

    Yes it ruins the event, I don’t mind skipping the event since I already know what is going to be, so the event is busted and ruined

  • Ahmad S

    Ahmad S

    8 days ago

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Alcohol is destructive

  • loukas371


    8 days ago

    I'm completely indifferent to leaks tbh. It's just unconfirmed information or bullshit. I can wait for the real thing. Meanwhile I got better things to do in my life.

  • George Masad

    George Masad

    8 days ago


  • Nathan O'Connor

    Nathan O'Connor

    8 days ago

    I couldn't care less tbh, I don't follow that sort of thing.

  • Reno


    8 days ago

    Onlyfans leaks are the best leaks

  • Bhargav N

    Bhargav N

    8 days ago

    IMO If the leaks work in the OEMs favour, which most of the times they do as it adds to the hype and expectations, they don't matter much. At this point leaks are just another marketing or advertising tactic.

  • flottenheimer


    9 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened to REvil after those first couple of Apple blueprint leaks?

  • Thomas Hughes

    Thomas Hughes

    9 days ago

    i made the “iphone 12 right before the 13” mistake back in 2019 when i bought my iphone xr

  • David Paul Morgan

    David Paul Morgan

    9 days ago

    I was returning from DK to GB on the plane. It was the time of the Sony Xperia range and I had the T at at the time. I glanced across the aisle and noticed the guy also had an Xperia (I recognised the interface) but it was much bigger than my Xperia T. I asked him what it was, and after he had confirmed I did not work 'in the business' he told me it was a pre-release Z Ultra and he worked for Orange! Sometimes you DO see them in the wild :-)

  • Armando Pontes

    Armando Pontes

    9 days ago

    What is that noise in the background?

  • Marcus Cole

    Marcus Cole

    9 days ago

    MKBHD just threw punches!!!!! 🎙 dropped!!!!!

  • C11


    9 days ago

    I will forever appreciate how your videos almost fit entirely on my XS Max’s screen lol

  • Account


    9 days ago


  • Jody Mitoma's Videos

    Jody Mitoma's Videos

    9 days ago

    Leaks that are taken straight out of factories without permission always suck. I'd rather big announcements for all the juicy details and eye-candy for product reveals. I'm into Pokemon trading cards for example, and even having upcoming cards leaked months ahead of their arrival sucks the big one. Takes away from some of the excitement of the whole thing.

  • Karishma


    9 days ago

    I was planning on buying iphone 13 but iphone 14 leaks gave me second thoughts ! If its really true, iphone 14 would be a much better deal.

  • AB productions

    AB productions

    9 days ago

    Leaks are necessary..
    Buy the way good interpretation



    9 days ago

    Yea just like how the ps5 and Xbox was to look like and they look way better then what they speculated. So is it real the iPhone 14 or not???? 🤔🤔🤔