Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk!

Published on Aug 2, 2021
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A first look at Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, plus let's talk Tensor!

Android 12 Top 5 Features! usflow.info/tree/video/eq63ts7Mks2dZ8k

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Marques Brownlee
  • DocJ


    Day ago

    Since the beginning of pixels..im not impress with this phone...

  • Timo


    Day ago

    I’m not a fanboy of any phone I think they’re all the same now. But I find it funny how other brands are calling theirs ‘Pro’ simultaneously marketed as an ‘iPhone killer’. If you have to copy, you’re not killing anything. This pixel 6 looks incredible, but iPhone will coast on familiarity and that’s what people want.

  • Karan Yelve Alcatraz Commander

    Karan Yelve Alcatraz Commander

    Day ago

    I'm a bit curious about the modded OS scene. If tensor becomes a thing, will that make it difficult for after market OS or easier? And if it does make it difficult will it force other brands to be more lenient with their boot loaders, i.e. if the Pixel does very well. Cause if it does well the A series could maybe benefit from this and steal the show

  • bjurra


    2 days ago

    Just got nostalgic. But that 6P was gorgeous :)

  • The kustom Knight

    The kustom Knight

    3 days ago

    I'm getting one fuck it.

  • Orlin Sokolov

    Orlin Sokolov

    3 days ago

    2.4k thumbs down ? I just don't understand these people but anyway, nice talking and points of view.

  • Serenity Love me

    Serenity Love me

    3 days ago

    This is exciting tfs

  • PC Master Race

    PC Master Race

    3 days ago

    Ill be buying pixel 6 in 2030 when it gets cheaper like my recently bought new pixel 3 non refurbished for 250$



    4 days ago

    I hope that the Pixel 6 becomes available here in the Philippines; not that I can afford it, but at least I'll get to see it in person.

  • sharan narain

    sharan narain

    4 days ago

    Will the pixel 6 charge on flat wireless chargers like in cars? The camera bump is huge

  •  Satoru


    4 days ago

    "ok so uhh, I'd held the Pixel 6"
    The gentle flex

  • Chris P

    Chris P

    4 days ago

    Looking forward to a nom-wobble experience

  • Edward Ray

    Edward Ray

    4 days ago

    Gave up greatest phone I've ever owned, a Pixel 2XL for an iPhone 12 Pro on wife's advice. When Pixel 6 comes out (black, please) the wife is going to have a spare iPhone. Sorry for cheating on you, Google!

  • Kalana Karunarathne

    Kalana Karunarathne

    4 days ago

    i don't like it's physical appearance. pixel 5 physical appearance is better than this

  • Julia


    5 days ago

    I'm still having Pixel XL and only this year it started to be slower than should be. Can't wait for Pixel Pro 6 (Pro)! Purposely was not buying older ones as was not satisfied with the reliability. After pixel 5 was really disappointed as was waiting for a powerful flagman. I hope my waiting worths it!

  • Kale Dyson

    Kale Dyson

    5 days ago

    Anyone know when the 6 is hitting Australia?

  • Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez

    5 days ago

    I'm curious about that tensor chip. I loved my OnePlus device but it's lacking innovation and price is ugly after Carl pei left. Don't get me wrong my op7 pro is still badass. I haven't ever used a pixel though. Easier on the wallet I would think. The charging speed is king though on my op7 pro

  • Daniel Hingco

    Daniel Hingco

    5 days ago

    Depending on his review i might trade my op 9 pro for pixel 6 since it'll eventually get "colorOS" integration

  • arfan hossain

    arfan hossain

    5 days ago

    i aman iphone user so please dont judge me i like android awell but ios is just seems user friendly but i gotta say this itlookslikeapower bank not a phone

  • Nightowl358


    6 days ago

    The Pixel 6 Pro is probably my next phone.

  • Dangamer Top

    Dangamer Top

    6 days ago

    When will the holepunch pandemic end? I hope Google stops following trends like they did with Pixel 4 in 2019 and added bezzels, while everyone else was doing shit.

  • Ofer Bar

    Ofer Bar

    7 days ago

    I got the Pixel 2 and Google managed to turn that into a brick. Never going to buy another Pixel

  • Andre Mendes

    Andre Mendes

    7 days ago

    Now they just have to sell it in more than 20 countries since there are 160+ countries in the world.

  • danay gebremichael

    danay gebremichael

    7 days ago

    I hope google succeed with pixel 6. I had always wished google to build a real pro phone. i gues this is it we will finaly look what google will do if they don't put limits on their phones. Pixel 6 will be a game changer

  • Raneesh


    7 days ago

    I have two bricked Nexus 6P devices at home . Both of the phones processor core had some issues and went to Infinite boot loop . That day I decided no more Google phones. Both google and Huawei denied my request to replace even if I am using Google FI, both finished warranty one month before. No more Google device's in my life

  • Jireh Padua

    Jireh Padua

    7 days ago

    As expected, he can't take out his apple fandom but atleast he restrain himself from insulting the brand by comparing it to apple... on the other hand, apple still gets publicity through his video... haha! same old same old! its really hard to watch his review of other brands...

  • more of less

    more of less

    8 days ago

    Intel is sinking

  • Sam Zaremba

    Sam Zaremba

    8 days ago

    This pixel really needs to impress has pixels since 2. This last one has been the most underwhelming to date

  • Ray Jenkins

    Ray Jenkins

    8 days ago

    My Pixel 3's battery got hot & the case separated a bit on the button side . . but it mostly still works. I bought an Otter case & was able to force it to close. 3 yrs ago when I bought it Google had an over-the-phone tech help # that I relied on. Since the Covid 19 started - a yr & a half ago - Google turned off this phone # and replaced it with a recording, " Do to the virus & our concern for our employ's health . . . " ect. Do you know if they will have a ' working - human ' help phone # again when the Pixel 6 goes on sale? This is a big deal for me & will factor in as to whether or not I buy a Pixel 6. Thanks, Ray

  • Jessica


    8 days ago

    I feel like Google is going to be the Disney of the phone world. 😂 They about to take over

  • Collin Vine

    Collin Vine

    8 days ago

    Pixel has an interesting future

  • 👨🏻‍💻


    8 days ago

    The word "six" is not his friend with that speech impediment 😅

  • Dave Hagy

    Dave Hagy

    8 days ago

    Is the back glass or plastic?

  • Keith Luken

    Keith Luken

    8 days ago

    Wonder if Google will eventually sell the Tensor to competitors to help improve the Android phone market?

  • Lapachi_428


    9 days ago

    WHY? Why can't we get matte metal rails on Pro version

  • badc gsdhh

    badc gsdhh

    9 days ago

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  • Американский Профессор

    Американский Профессор

    9 days ago

    Finally some competition to put up with greedy Apple

  • Aaron Prothero

    Aaron Prothero

    9 days ago

    Is there facial recognition this year or finger print etc?

  • Chris War

    Chris War

    9 days ago

    I skipped pixel 4 and pixel 5. Still holding on to a Pixel 3XL. This info makes me confident to finally upgrade.

  • Vance G

    Vance G

    10 days ago

    Currently have a ZTE Blade Spark that's terrible for streaming games from my Xbox One S because it can only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi. Looking for a good Android that can do 5 GHz WiFi and has a competent GPU/CPU.

  • Stephen Lamley

    Stephen Lamley

    10 days ago

    One of the slickest starts to a video I've ever seen.

  • Adam Adlaon

    Adam Adlaon

    10 days ago

    Imagine how huge Google Pixel could've been if they're available in more international markets.

    • Mr. Iqbal;

      Mr. Iqbal;

      23 hours ago

      Ikr if I wanna buy a pixel I gotta improt it and that is a bit idk "bittersweet"

  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    10 days ago

    I still have a iPhone 6. And don’t want to change because it works and new phone are ridiculous in price to watch YouTube.

  • Urgen Tamang

    Urgen Tamang

    11 days ago

    01:16 Nexus 6p ex-owners : having brick nightmares

  • Ken Fregien

    Ken Fregien

    11 days ago

    Can't wait for your take on the 6 when it comes out. Hope Google is realistic pricing it , so many good budget phones out to choose from they need to keep price affordable.

    • Ken Fregien

      Ken Fregien

      6 hours ago

      @Kian Bailey yeah I think your right , but since Google is making their own chip now and the phone will get years of updates to the OS like iphones is the reason I'll buy it as I keep my phones until they give out , plus I much prefer the stock Android with very little bloat ware.

    • Kian Bailey

      Kian Bailey

      16 hours ago

      google said in an article they want to compete with samsung and apple on the high end, they said not to expect it to be cheap, i think 800$ is the lowest it will be

  • Rosaria


    11 days ago

    All I want to see is how Tensor will handle Genshin Impact. That's all. Benchmarking is gonna be fun.

  • Aneesh vora

    Aneesh vora

    12 days ago

    So overall pixel cost higher or lower????

  • Kailey Giles

    Kailey Giles

    12 days ago

    My pixel 5 has always had a screen protector (tempered glass) and I had the Google case. Yet one drop resulted in my screen breaking. Definitely do not want curved screen edges unless they make better cases

    • Alexander Duarte

      Alexander Duarte

      11 hours ago

      Mous case. Thank me later

  • D3vicx


    12 days ago

    I will be looking out for the 6 Pro in that Gold.

  • Ahmad Samer Abdulhaleem

    Ahmad Samer Abdulhaleem

    13 days ago

    that phone looks Sus!

  • All Terrain Action

    All Terrain Action

    13 days ago

    I am keen as for this we do so much ondemand recording when we dont have our mirrorless or gopro so having a good phone with good video filming quality is key for the special moments. perfect!

  • Daniel Pacheco

    Daniel Pacheco

    14 days ago

    Honoring teh msreywss beoeblee

  • Stealth_Touch


    14 days ago

    It saddens me that literally all the pixel phones I've seen are ugly

  • Mark Rothenberg

    Mark Rothenberg

    14 days ago

    Great info. Great video. Can’t wait for the 6 Pro

  • Thomas Geelens

    Thomas Geelens

    14 days ago

    So excited for this phone, I can hardly wait!

  • Sergiy Melnychuk

    Sergiy Melnychuk

    14 days ago

    Been waiting for it to come out for a while, just a little more before i can upgrade from my pixel 2xl

  • MrAmad3us


    14 days ago

    Time traveler here, the whole Tensor experiment goes terribly and Google gives up on Tensor in 2022. Oh and congrats on your Golden Globe Marques.

  • Ashwin Krishna

    Ashwin Krishna

    15 days ago

    Here only to comment that the phonecase companies will get good vibes designing this phone's case.

  • Pavan


    15 days ago

    Definitely MKBHD already have this phone 🙂

  • Hollywood1127


    15 days ago

    I see what Google is doing. Just like Android; they are going to design a product that most phones are going to adopt. Tensor chip will eventually be in most Android phones within the next 7 years or so.

  • Steve Milley

    Steve Milley

    16 days ago

    I'm still rockin' a pixel 2. Pai off and lovin' it for almost 4 years. Damn, if only I could eat just 5 day's a week, I'd grab a 6 for friggin' sure eh. But alas, it's my 2 I'll be stickin' with. lol

    • Steve Milley

      Steve Milley

      15 days ago

      @cuddler mine is just as it was new. meh.

    • cuddler


      15 days ago

      But the battery sukks ass now.

  • Mike Revelle

    Mike Revelle

    16 days ago

    i've had my note9 since it came out in Canada and i absolutely love it!! ive yet to find something that blows me away and can beat it (besides paying like $2000 for the newer Notes) so do you think this could be the phone that can compare? also why no finger print scanner on the back? im 100% addicted to that, not a fan of the front finger scan but thats just me.

  • Xero


    16 days ago

    dont forget that google pixel 1 thru pixel 5 had the same camera

  • Whitney Denise

    Whitney Denise

    16 days ago

    Wow loving this phone, I am thinking of getting it.

  • Lepter


    16 days ago


  • Edgar P

    Edgar P

    16 days ago

    These phones look stupid.

  • the gamers Reddy

    the gamers Reddy

    17 days ago

    When is the release date and price ??

  • Ryan H

    Ryan H

    17 days ago

    The camera bar that reminds me of...
    Me: Robocop?
    the nexus.

  • H D

    H D

    17 days ago

    cant wait for the pixel 6, been holding onto pixel 2xl for dear life (the software support is already over), so hopefully this doesn't disappoint and i can finally upgrade, i love the pixel series



    17 days ago


  • Not Name

    Not Name

    17 days ago

    hard to slip into front pocket.... crap.

  • Kees de Jong

    Kees de Jong

    17 days ago

    Punch hole, -1.

  • Andrew Mackechnie

    Andrew Mackechnie

    17 days ago

    What price are we talking?

  • gurpreet singh

    gurpreet singh

    17 days ago

    You fanboys sucked on google's D so hard that it made me believe that pixel 5 was best phone out there, not buying this crap anymore.

    • James James

      James James

      17 days ago

      @gurpreet singh 4 > 5

    • gurpreet singh

      gurpreet singh

      17 days ago

      @James James 4 is shit as well, sometimes bigger is not better, 5 suppose to have better battery because of snapdragon 765g but battery is still shit. The lack of little features on pixel that make life easy is mind blowing, considering google owns this OS. I guess my love for google clouded my judgement but lesson learnt.

    • James James

      James James

      17 days ago

      @gurpreet singh the pixel 4 is better then the 5. You should of known the 5 is a budget phone. It has a snapdragon 765 for gods sake

    • gurpreet singh

      gurpreet singh

      17 days ago

      @James James ask fanboy, reddit and youtube is filled with them praising that this is the best phone out there and i thought google will have more control over their own os but guess not.

    • James James

      James James

      17 days ago

      You are drunk if you believed the pixel 5 was good. That thing was a budget POS

  • Tallb


    17 days ago

    Why have two huge phones? Make one small one big, this is a near deal breaker for me

  • niklas johansson

    niklas johansson

    18 days ago

    How are companies going to make a case that is even a little sturdy with that camera bump

  • S Orcutt

    S Orcutt

    18 days ago

    Thanks for the info! I refuse to use any other phone than the pixels. Can't wait for the 6 pro!

  • ravi pualasa

    ravi pualasa

    18 days ago

    Can anyone recommend me a legit apk or a Playstore app that can replace the oneplus UI with Samsung One UI?

  • James Montano

    James Montano

    18 days ago

    Hyped for this thing. I'll be awaiting your review and official impressions once there's a release!

  • Mr Jimmy

    Mr Jimmy

    18 days ago

    Hi, what color is the most awesome look from what you have seen with these new Google phones?

  • damienfinnmedia


    18 days ago

    Why can't everyone mix audio like MKHB. Don't have to reach for my volume knob every 6 seconds.

  • hvip4


    18 days ago


  • Bhushan Chodankar

    Bhushan Chodankar

    18 days ago

    That intro beats tho.....

  • engineero


    19 days ago

    When will it be launched?

  • Philip Curtis

    Philip Curtis

    19 days ago

    Excellent video, thanks 😊

  • grimmfruit


    19 days ago

    watching from a 4a 5g

  • F H

    F H

    19 days ago

    I miss the squeeze to trigger the google assistant

  • Taylor Girard

    Taylor Girard

    19 days ago

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  • Solutions Nerds

    Solutions Nerds

    19 days ago

    when will be we collab for something awesome. Hy Marques Brownlee stays update for surprises..

  • Burnzie79


    19 days ago

    Still holding on to my Pixel 3, but may start looking for a new phone next year. Is that camera strip raised above the rest of the back of the phone? Does the Google assistant still work if you squeeze the phone?
    Doesn't appear to have a fingerprint sensor, which is a shame. It's my preferred way to unlock. Also love the fabric cases, hope those still continue.

    • Aleksandr Trohhatsov

      Aleksandr Trohhatsov

      10 days ago

      Active Edge (the squeeze) has been leaked to be present. Yes, the bump is raised

  • Shashi Harige

    Shashi Harige

    19 days ago

    about 30 'but's in a 10 min long video, that's a but every 20 seconds.... :P

  • Chibuikem Umeh

    Chibuikem Umeh

    19 days ago

    Can we just acknowledge how good this intro is !!!
    Best @MKBHD intro

    • Chibuikem Umeh

      Chibuikem Umeh

      19 days ago

      I’ve rewatched the intro like a billion times lol 😆

  • Peterson Mathew

    Peterson Mathew

    20 days ago

    Seems noice, I just ordered s21 ultra. What convinced me for that really is DEX mode. If Pixel 6 has a desktop motor or something. I might be switching. Berri No-ICE.

  • mrzazzaable


    20 days ago

    That camera bump is the ugliest thing I have seen on a phone. The 6p looked way sleeker

  • Texas Pete

    Texas Pete

    20 days ago

    Daft punk fone lol

  • Drew Stephens

    Drew Stephens

    21 day ago

    I'm sorry to sound like a cheapskate, but if it's fair priced or like how Sony sold the PS3 at a loss, I'll buy it.

  • Casper


    21 day ago

    I hate the fact that phone companies focus so much on the camera, just shows the technology isn't there.

    • Harun


      19 days ago

      What do you mean the technology isn't there? Phones are smarter and more powerful than some laptops and even space shuttles.

  • hrlrl


    21 day ago

    I really can't decide if I should wait on the bigger sensor or buy a mirrorless. Would love to see a low light test as soon as it comes out. Current Pixel 3a is too noisy in low light.

  • Dave Sullivan

    Dave Sullivan

    21 day ago

    Pixel makes iPhone look and feel 10 years old.