iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations!

Published on Jul 7, 2021
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iPadOS 15 is coming to an iPad near you. Not just the iPad Pro. Any iPad.

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Marques Brownlee
  • Black Baron

    Black Baron

    2 minutes ago

    ☠️BLACK BARON☠️ Where is the standard calculator and weather app?

  • TR Hall

    TR Hall

    8 hours ago


  • Roosevelt Honaker

    Roosevelt Honaker

    8 hours ago

    Are you advertising for BeastBurger???????????

  • Sarvente but I changed my account

    Sarvente but I changed my account

    11 hours ago

    I only have the original iPad

  • Bikon DaDon

    Bikon DaDon

    11 hours ago

    iPad updates are always one big disappointment! Hidden features are the only new things…

  • Dan Freedom

    Dan Freedom

    20 hours ago

    screw it ! ! ! I spent years just rearranging and adjusting app icons to perfectly fit my aesthetic layout. ipadOS 14 have 6 icons in a row both in portrait and landscape mode. But iPadOS 15 have 5 icons in portrait, 6 icons in landscape, even worse, have 4 icons with widgets ! everything is ruined ! screw the widgets! it doesn‘t do any good with my OCD.

  • dlarun


    22 hours ago

    4:07 ahh yes, NICE

  • Samar Sharma

    Samar Sharma

    Day ago

    Wow nice

  • Makeera Salim

    Makeera Salim

    Day ago

    That’s why people with lower iPad versions get the better expectations 😹

  • Uditanshu Kamal

    Uditanshu Kamal

    Day ago

    How tf they still didn't add a calculator and weather app bruh

  • Davis Bentancur

    Davis Bentancur

    Day ago

    Why am I watching this? I don own an iPad 😆
    I wish I did, though

  • G-Misc 59

    G-Misc 59

    Day ago

    LOL...while Apple has us chasing their "carrot" their hand remains in your pocket...not mine...refuse to be manipulated...your mileage may vary...enjoy.

  • Jedd Simon

    Jedd Simon

    2 days ago

    Ive got a macbook pro and an iPhone but something really feels missing thats why im actually considering to get an air 4 or the iPad 9

  • JhurtadoOo


    2 days ago

    It’s been really difficult organizing the new home screen after the update

    • Jerry L

      Jerry L

      Day ago

      I agree I hate the new home screen

  • Don’t disturb libra

    Don’t disturb libra

    2 days ago

    I updated my iPad yesterday to 15.0 so I watched this video

  • Shaner The Grey

    Shaner The Grey

    2 days ago

    I miss iPadOS 14 home screen

  • starsk13


    2 days ago

    Soon they will release a “make it simple fonction” as iOS is becoming more and more complicated… “usine à gaz “ we say in french…

  • Xianto Smith

    Xianto Smith

    2 days ago

    you are right, weather app needed for iPad :D

  • mukeshayur


    2 days ago

    android had almost all these features years back , now apple fans are WOW..... Lol

  • O.tom19


    3 days ago

    But what happened to the today view, i cannot find it at all

  • Cle B.

    Cle B.

    3 days ago

    Ipad pro is just good for my 2 year old watching Peppa pig.

  • louie9211


    3 days ago

    Marques, I want to know what you think of the new Surface Laptop Studio

  • FelixFortuna


    3 days ago

    Hopefully apple will bring the full Xcode to iPadOS in the future

  • Von Kryza

    Von Kryza

    3 days ago

    Let's trade your ipad m1 for my ipad 6th generation and then let's see if you want any of the shit you are expecting.

  • Carlos Vega

    Carlos Vega

    3 days ago

    The biggest problem is developers like Google not allowing me to have 2 instances of the same app opened at once. What’s the point of using Google Docs if I can’t open 2 of them on my screen?

  • GC Wieser

    GC Wieser

    4 days ago

    You know who loves a good weather app? Microsoft, surprisingly.

  • Son M

    Son M

    4 days ago

    I downloaded iOS 15 fast, expecting it to be good…. Damn wish I didn’t for iPad.

  • Leonardo Fornari

    Leonardo Fornari

    4 days ago

    I wish that I could disable app library.

  • Chris L.

    Chris L.

    4 days ago

    Just upgraded to IPadOS15 my IPad Pro 12.9"...
    I f*** hate the new home screen, it's awful

  • 👨🏻‍💻


    4 days ago

    There's no clock app either on the iPad, like WTF. Went to set my alarm and no where to be found. What the literal F Apple?!

  • 👨🏻‍💻


    4 days ago

    I'm so sick of the Apple prison, give us more flexibility with software to do what we want!

  • Call Me Alayna

    Call Me Alayna

    5 days ago

    I have the iPad 6th generation

  • Adil Jamal

    Adil Jamal

    5 days ago

    Being someone who’s been looking forward to this update on my iPad Air 2, I’m glad it doesn’t have too much power functionality and just adds stuff like widgets and better multitasking experiences

    • Adil Jamal

      Adil Jamal

      2 days ago

      @sourskittlez_97 It surely isn’t 😅. The iPad Air 2 was released back in 2014, so naturally it would struggle to keep up with fancy stuff. That’s why I said I’d be happier if they add the widgets and focus mode stuff etc. while not trying to leverage the higher capabilities of the iPad Pro, because that would be detrimental to people who use older iPads, like me 😄.

    • sourskittlez_97


      2 days ago

      ...is this sarcasm? I can’t tell.

  • ur mom

    ur mom

    5 days ago

    whos here after the ipados 15 came out ?

  • Rob Oo

    Rob Oo

    5 days ago

    My iPad became 3% to 11% slower after upgrading to iPadOS 15 (from 14). Geekbench 5 scores are 11% slower on single core, 7% on multicore and 3% on Compute. Anyone else?? planned obsolescence from Apple??

  • Paul Rice

    Paul Rice

    5 days ago

    Where did the time and date go that was at the top left of the Home Screen in iPad OS 14? Now missing in iPad OS 15.

  • LizzieOktambe


    5 days ago

    I honestly think that the expectations are going to be met but... If apple makes those updates right now, the only devices that would be able to get it are the M1 devices. What it means is that, for example, an ipad pro from 2020 or even 2018 won't be able to run all of those amazing things that users are expecting and if we know one thing about Apple, it is that it prides itself in having devices that are still bested only by their own younger siblings years in the future. That's why I think they didn't do it (yet), even if they probably could for M1 ipad. They will do it in a year or two though, so those devices can run the update as well when we have an M2 or M3 chip already in place.

  • Richgerald Garrido

    Richgerald Garrido

    5 days ago

    Apple is tricky. To make it appear like its loading pages faster, it slows down scrolling through pages.
    They photos on their apple event looks so clear but not really so good IRL. Most iPhone or iPad users won’t really know until they use android.
    Photos are unrealistic and the quality is just bad.
    Apple is good for productivity but now for fun.
    I bet the cinematic feature is just a fancy name of controlling depth but overall quality is still bad.
    We’ll see.

  • Lillyxoxo Greaves

    Lillyxoxo Greaves

    6 days ago

    Wow, I’m super excited!

  • Airbrushkid


    6 days ago

    I like to be able to remove a lot of things from the iPad Pro 12.9 M1. Strip it down to almost nothing.

  • Lizzy McD

    Lizzy McD

    6 days ago


  • Nd Studio

    Nd Studio

    7 days ago

    ipad os 16.. we now have weather app. How cool is that?

  • Ashish S

    Ashish S

    7 days ago

    It’s almost 2022 and no WhatsApp on iPad so sad!!!!

  • Dando


    7 days ago

    I think the IPad is great for looking at photos and watching videos, including YouTube and I’m sure the iPad Pro 12.9 must be amazing for web browsing and watching movies with the stereo speakers.. IPad is a great product.. something you could only have dreamed of as a kid… I remember those small headrest monitors on car journeys.. That iPad would be a dream cinema screen 📺 😊

  • FerdyLA


    7 days ago

    I’m just thinking out loud. Couldn’t Apple release FCPX in the near future (say, March 2022) on the App Store without any iOS update? Didn’t iOS 15 allows more RAM per app instead of the 4GB per app in prior iOS? It doesn’t have to be with an iOS update right? FCPX is just another App Store app isn’t it?

  • 🌙 Luna 🌙

    🌙 Luna 🌙

    7 days ago

    How do you get the App Library and more stuff at the bottom bar? And the widgets on the home screen

  • Sedokun


    7 days ago

    App Library. I thought that thing was patented as Windows Desktop. Same pile of random shortcuts w/o any means of making the order.

  • Lam Jimmy

    Lam Jimmy

    8 days ago

    My friend is very good

  • Lam Jimmy

    Lam Jimmy

    8 days ago

    Thank you very much, My friend…..

  • Margaret Cosgrove-Klain

    Margaret Cosgrove-Klain

    8 days ago

    Good review and clarification of the iPad Pro. Thanks

  • Vigya Sharma

    Vigya Sharma

    10 days ago

    he is the biggest fan of alltta every intro is from alltta

  • Collin Roche

    Collin Roche

    10 days ago

    I would love to see actual apps that provide real things for mechanical engineers, software developers, etc. Final Cut Pro is for movies…I know this matters to you tubers/influencers, but that doesn’t matter to me.

  • Larry Rich

    Larry Rich

    10 days ago

    When is iPadOS 15 coming to us regular people?

  • Tran Binh

    Tran Binh

    12 days ago

    is ipados15 only available for ipad pro ?

  • JepanLife


    13 days ago

    iF apple allows the ipad to be more capable than their macbooks that would be a disaster for them i think. so i dont expect more on the ipad. i was actually about to buy a keyboard for my pro11 but i realized i would still need my macbook. so my ipad is just really for presentation and data consumption.

  • Peter Fitzroy

    Peter Fitzroy

    13 days ago

    Would you recommend the writing experience on a tempered glass screen protector such as spigen?

  • Katie Jones

    Katie Jones

    14 days ago

    The lean fan early bounce because cap peroperatively permit unto a aloof beech. flagrant, devilish cub

  • Adam Cane

    Adam Cane

    14 days ago

    App drawer, widgets on home pages, separate browser windows. Samsung tab 2010 is that you

  • Rayray


    14 days ago

    Why are tech reviewers obsessed with iPads being like desktops. Microsoft tried to do that with their tablets and it failed. If u want a desktop experience, use a desktop.

    • Oaax


      Day ago

      @Rayray yes you are right, I recently bought ipad .interface is so simple and easy to use but the OS is limited

    • Rayray


      Day ago

      @Oaax iPad can be more but more is complicated and confuses an average joe who wants to tap and app and load netflix.

    • Oaax


      13 days ago

      Microsoft didn't compeletly failed and ipad can be more.

  • Master Chron

    Master Chron

    14 days ago

    We should always expect better from creators, and manufacturers. We have to drive forward. Whether or not failure to meet those expectations takes from your joy is entirely optional. Being emotional or disappointed in something is an agreement you make with yourself. Having control over that process (self-control) is one of the primary functions of being a mature adult.

  • RuthieOnTheMobile


    14 days ago

    I'm looking forward to focus on my iPhone (will this come available on my iPad eventually?) and app library on my iPad, a feature I've loved on my iPhone since I was an android user previously and don't like having all my apps on my home screen (even in folders)

  • Jim Porter

    Jim Porter

    15 days ago

    It's not that ipados 15 is insufficient but why can't MacOS be used on the 12inch iPad. Ipados would still be used on smaller devices.
    As for cannibalizing their own business, they would change the landscape completely and probably do more damage to competitors and pick up the fallout from that and that is not even considering that people who buy Apple would probably just more or better Apple products in other lines.

  • Jasper Lee

    Jasper Lee

    15 days ago

    "You bought dark sky just make a weather app", I felt the frustration

  • Ameer Sumary

    Ameer Sumary

    15 days ago

    There's no collector feature 😒😒😒

  • Nimzy


    15 days ago

    Apple overrated asfffff. Android>>

  • Omar Hassan

    Omar Hassan

    16 days ago

    I want to update to iPadOS 15 but I am gonna use this ipad for school and I am worried that there could be problems with the beta, should I update or wait for the official release

  • Guillermo Álvarez

    Guillermo Álvarez

    17 days ago

    What is it with the background noise?

  • Aziz Attar

    Aziz Attar

    17 days ago

    I’m starting uni this year majoring in business, and I’m stuck between buying the MacBook Pro or the iPad Pro 12.9”. Can you please help me. Plus my classes will be online so what do you think is the better choice for me

  • Arjun Sharma

    Arjun Sharma

    20 days ago

    The transfer speed is shit on ipad air 4 …. It takes hours to transfer 100 gb of data …..

  • Sage Khanna

    Sage Khanna

    20 days ago

    Funny that when apple makes their homes teen more usability it just becomes the same thing androids been using for years.

  • BerThaddaeus Bailey

    BerThaddaeus Bailey

    21 day ago

    Great review. i wish you would have mentioned the calendar and reminder updates, more.

  • Alex Roblox

    Alex Roblox

    21 day ago


  • naesmac


    21 day ago

    I've had the ipad 12.9 2021 for a few days and immediately I noticed that LIDAR isn't used in Portrait Mode on the rear... HUH? Also, Center Stage is confined to the Facetime app. Can't use it in normal Photos app. I don't get it.

  • mariofan LIVE

    mariofan LIVE

    21 day ago

    No jailbreak: barely a computer
    With jailbreak: easily could replace your pc! You could get windows on it with UTM for free!

  • YH Chen

    YH Chen

    23 days ago

    calculator………. Still waiting

  • Play BC

    Play BC

    24 days ago

    If the iPad could run native MacOS apps with full mouse support it would finally make sense as a replacement. I mean the hardware is more than powerful enough to run these!

  • A.M. Zamil

    A.M. Zamil

    24 days ago

    I really hoped that we can have more than two split , like up and down split not just side

  • I Am Hear !

    I Am Hear !

    24 days ago

    Why you het apple ecosystem?

  • Valhalla


    24 days ago

    IPad was never meant to replace the computer, it’s a consumption machine. Maybe all those with a wish list should join Apple and change things, ditch all other Apple products and just have an iPad to please everyone, then everyone will want Apple to produce Computers again.

  • Chux


    25 days ago

    I can’t do the two window thing. It bothers me how hard it is to close the windows, especially that slide over.

  • Chux


    25 days ago

    I’m still disappointed in the lack of real or good quality widgets.

  • Cris2neatt


    25 days ago

    I got this instead of the iMac Pro I’m pissed

  • akil er

    akil er

    25 days ago

    Apple copied android 😂

  • Meme


    26 days ago

    Love marques

  • Les Rock

    Les Rock

    26 days ago

    I can't help but think about how much waste and environmental damage is caused by this insatiable need for new tech and gadgets.

  • Andreas Duess

    Andreas Duess

    26 days ago

    Apple notes is now my go to note taking app, despite the fact that it locks me into the Apple ecosystem. It’s just the best one around.

  • Alan Hughes

    Alan Hughes

    26 days ago

    How do you use Pocket to write notes?

  • Bryan Del Rio

    Bryan Del Rio

    26 days ago

    I've finally found my IG caption when graduate college. "Expectations are the Thief of Joy"

  • four-caddit


    28 days ago

    The most revolutionary change: They put Low Power Mode on iPad.

  • Phrankorsi


    28 days ago

    Like how Marques referencing these tech guys, big ups🙌🏾

  • AntMan


    29 days ago

    7:27 that's silly :D

  • Ash Bethel

    Ash Bethel

    29 days ago

    People keep forgetting how greedy Apple is. Why would they want you to be able to use the same programs on your ipad as you do on your Mac when that would cause less people to want to buy a Mac? They would prefer everyone get an ipad and a Mac so that they make more money.

  • Paul Regener

    Paul Regener

    29 days ago

    Apple playing guitar and putting on a show really rubs me the wrong way

  • Dániel Pfeiffer

    Dániel Pfeiffer

    29 days ago

    No editing photos or videos from external drive??

  • Donnie 9134

    Donnie 9134

    29 days ago

    I enjoyed your video first time watching

  • Ashtee R

    Ashtee R

    Month ago

    Is this the 11 inch iPad used in this video or the 12.9 inch??

  • marshall branin

    marshall branin

    Month ago

    I only use my iPad for note taking, and I’m fine with that (I prefer using a computer for all other tasks), but knowing the wasted potential is still disappointing. The only iPad worth purchasing is the iPad air

  • 28_026_ Nikil Chandrashekara

    28_026_ Nikil Chandrashekara

    Month ago

    Can somebody please help me confirm, I've been having charging issues since the last patch ipad os 14.7.1 on my iPad Pro (2018). I changed cable's, bricks It charges for a while and then it stops, then it stops completely like the cable is useless or something , is it a port issue or a software issue . Anybody else having the same problem?

    • tgl cam

      tgl cam

      29 days ago

      maybe get the port replaced

  • Allison-Kay Ruddock

    Allison-Kay Ruddock

    Month ago

    The notes app is my life. Idk why people don’t use it. There are so many features