iOS 15 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

Published on Jul 2, 2021
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The best iOS 15 Features, coming to an iPhone near you!
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iOS 15 wallpapers:

0:00 Intro
1:02 Redesigned apps
2:56 Facetime features
5:31 Live Text
7:07 Notifications
8:13 Focus Modes
10:15 Other Stuff + Conclusions

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Marques Brownlee
  • Floyd Cain

    Floyd Cain

    18 minutes ago

    Well of course you would recommend your own video😒

  • Madhav Anand

    Madhav Anand

    55 minutes ago

    Appreciated man!

  • E Tyreman

    E Tyreman

    4 hours ago

    Apple maps butt of a joke? I've been an Android user for the last 10 years and everytime I use a mates Apple maps, I am so surprised how much better it is than Google maps. Google maps sucks.

  • Chisom Finbarrs

    Chisom Finbarrs

    4 hours ago

    You could always type the time in your clock app for alarms.

  • expressclear


    4 hours ago

    Live text is clutch for sure.

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

    8 hours ago

    I like the feature where there is noise cancellation if I were to talk to somebody PLUS
    At 5:22 You can talk to someone on FaceTime with a person using android. Win win! 🤩🥳

  • ShaveD Monkey

    ShaveD Monkey

    8 hours ago

    iPhone = samething x 6years + (some stupid update x yearly)
    iPhone = Boringgg

  • UltraGamer


    9 hours ago

    Me with a iPhone 8 not getting a feature

  • Prateek Chaudhary

    Prateek Chaudhary

    11 hours ago


  • theNimboo


    11 hours ago

    I was about to buy a Iphone 13 but decided against it because Apple is going to be scanning phones. I don't want to buy a product from a company for them to turn it into a tool to track me. Fuck you apple

  • عــزآز FM

    عــزآز FM

    12 hours ago

    اسوء هاتف نزل واسعارها مبالغ فيها وهذا اللي نسميه استغلال المستهلك يعني قد صالي سنين مع ايفون لكن بعد عرض اسعارهم هذه السنه قررت تغير الى جالكسي

  • Gregory Dim

    Gregory Dim

    12 hours ago

    Apple might take time to do something but they do it in the best way possible. Samsung needs to step up

  • Mauree


    12 hours ago

    Getting one step closer to having a real world Pokedex in our pockets.

  • Zain Ijaz

    Zain Ijaz

    17 hours ago

    Live text is not available in my IphoneX
    It should be available in all models

  • nendita jaswal

    nendita jaswal

    18 hours ago

    I loved the focus mode so much man

  • Jesus Hernandez

    Jesus Hernandez

    20 hours ago

    Oh notification summary, how do you x the individual notification like on the previous iOS?

  • harpreet Bedi

    harpreet Bedi

    22 hours ago

    We need a free call recording in iPhone

  • keznamdeh garrick

    keznamdeh garrick

    23 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 7 and I updated to iOS 15 now my mobile data isn’t working can any1 help me please

  • Co2 B

    Co2 B

    23 hours ago

    that’s really the only reason i miss androids…

  • Co2 B

    Co2 B

    23 hours ago

    please apple bring an app fir text messages option so we can customize our screen….and fonts..unless there is an app i do not know about…any one know if any apps available for txt android options..

  • buster colin

    buster colin

    23 hours ago

    Still trying to catch up to Android 😭

  • Grogu


    Day ago

    02:10 the icons said Gay-

  • Ivan Ye

    Ivan Ye

    Day ago

    Where is that link?

  • Opex TGB

    Opex TGB

    Day ago

    5:20 xbox



    Day ago

    why is ur mic so crap

  • Tobi Segun-lean

    Tobi Segun-lean

    Day ago

    Why is iOS always copying android features 😭

  • Nathan Chesworth

    Nathan Chesworth

    Day ago

    I want iOS 8 back. Thanks :)

  • The Frog

    The Frog

    Day ago

    Already in iOS 14 you could type the time in the Clock App, well at least I can do that in the 14.8 version...

  • Povheng Yam

    Povheng Yam

    Day ago

    iOS 15 allows you to replicate app icons. Now I have 20 YouTube icons 😅

  • Rami Madrid

    Rami Madrid

    Day ago

    It’s perfect idea just like you brother

  • AlphaActing Guy

    AlphaActing Guy

    Day ago

    what a joke! Nothing to see, hasnt been anything in about 8 years. How about making the text and telephone apps a different color since the two buttons look identical? How about are designed texting app? Or a redesigned Photos app? Apple sucks

  • Crystal Mason

    Crystal Mason

    Day ago

    Your great at it😀

  • 구준 강

    구준 강

    Day ago

    The sophisticated japan reversely switch because waiter microbiologically regret barring a flaky newsprint. nosy, disillusioned bengal

  • Todd Anthony

    Todd Anthony

    Day ago

    How much was the tacks for that shirt? I hope you didn’t get nailed

  • Sean Maxwell

    Sean Maxwell

    Day ago

    I'm getting jealous as an Android fan of iphone new features

  • Nhoto JijnoD

    Nhoto JijnoD

    Day ago

    The flowery home grossly blush because measure originally clean afore a flawless stopsign. automatic, absorbing softball

  • Arjun Moghe

    Arjun Moghe

    Day ago

    is the reflection on the jet black iPhone behind marques intentional ? (intro)

  • Maramind Entertainment

    Maramind Entertainment

    Day ago

    I don't see link to the Apple video mentioned.

  • Icedog158


    Day ago

    I paused to try the pet breed thing, didn't work, came back, he says it doesn't work for all phones :( rip XR

  • Maramind Entertainment

    Maramind Entertainment

    Day ago

    100% thought "Focus" modes are the best thing!

  • Batista, Batista

    Batista, Batista

    Day ago

    Mn si 4eren

  • Giải Trí

    Giải Trí

    Day ago

    Typing for alarm already have on ios 14.

  • Reticent Assertiveness

    Reticent Assertiveness

    Day ago

    The background sound is so good. Dark Noise is best.

  • Ankur Modani

    Ankur Modani

    Day ago

    Hi Sir, very informative channel of yours.
    Just wanted to ask one issue which I am facing in whatsapp after updating to ios 15.
    Earlier we would be able to read multiple msgs from same person on the lock screen itself (provided previews are off) as there was little CROSS icon (X) on each msg so by clicking it we can read the msg before that.
    But as I moved to ios15 now suppose some person sends me 4 msgs and If i want to read it by not actually open WhatsApp then there is some isse as I only can read his kast msg only as there is not cross button.
    Please suggest sir.

  • Backnanger Dronen

    Backnanger Dronen

    Day ago

    no terminal, no file manager. as always: the device belongs to them and you only allowed to use it sometimes

  • Quadrille


    Day ago

    Excellent review!

  • Paul Hamilton

    Paul Hamilton

    Day ago

    So basically nothing

  • S M

    S M

    Day ago

    I just want a phone man! a phone to make/receive calls! lol

  • Kel GK

    Kel GK

    Day ago

    Things i would like in my ios update- Iphone 12 ProMax
    The dialer interface is an absolute mess..the ratio of the numbers to the screen is shady, the number you type is squished to the top right hemisphere between the phone service provider and the disproportionate blue text 'Add Number' . Then you have a whole 1 and half finger breath spacing to the numbers freaking cant type a number using your thumb unless you are a Philistine giant. solution! push all the dialer functions down to make it easier for the user to make a call... whats the use of the 2 finger breaths distance between the green caller button and the contacts button at the bottom? Such a crappy dialer.
    Dialer app- Add cursor correct so that i do not have to re-write the whole number again every time you get it wrong.
    Dialer app-the backward gesture to delete number is lame and crap..please just introduce a back/delete button on the dialer
    Dialer app- Where the fuck is the the hold button when you picking a new call..Why are the end or receive a call butttons when on another call so literary have to work on precision coz you might press the wrong button.
    In summary the dialer app is crap.
    Info button against phone numbers- This is too small, i have a pro max and i still miss the buttons, and with my big fingers i keep missing ok with tapping to call but please add swipe to message.
    The dialer app lacks creativity and innovation.
    Screen edges-Absolutely insensitive wen using certain apps, especially the top left corner ,you keep pressing, applying saliva on your finger for the touch to effect..absolute annoyance.
    Touch sensitivity is crap compared to samsung galaxy..s8 plus..terrible how the scree feels like some hollow plastic
    You can not open multiple files from the same multiple PDF files, multiple Doc what the hell?
    Dual Messenger- Some of us have 2 phone numbers for convenience, we would like dual messaging abilities without having to use 3rd party apps to handle our data in regards to dual messaging. FYI Samsung has an excellent dual messaging function.
    Alarm Clock- This phone is absolutely not useful if you visual impairment, the alarm interface is crappiest it lacks basic creativity...trying to set an alarm is like trying to steer titanic away from an iceberg..the buttons needs some magnifying..the clock adjust functions drop from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen way far below you therefore have to adjust the device fully just to freaking set an alarm. Then the clock adjusting is so miniature to the point you dont want to do it at all...annoying
    App library- please introduce a function to disable the app library
    The top drop down control centres- They may be ok for those who do not know better...but sincerely speaking..can we have time and and date in both drop down control centres....
    Calculator- is Worse--no history, no copy and paste function..or is the screen just insensitive?
    There is just so much i could say but let me walk away.

  • Wild World49

    Wild World49

    2 days ago

    I really don’t like that you still can’t remove the text from under third party widgets it looks so clean on the iPad☹️

  • LITTLEGIRL subscribe plz ^^

    LITTLEGIRL subscribe plz ^^

    2 days ago

    The feature you mentioned about being able to put the time in the alarm was introduced before iOS 15. I'm running iOS 14.1 on my phone and I have this feature. I think it arrived on iOS 14 or shortly thereafter.

  • 2 days ago

    03:16 why is there lil baby

  • uBreakIt iRepairIt

    uBreakIt iRepairIt

    2 days ago

    Women are going to use SharePlay as an excuse for Netflix and Chill.

  • john joseph

    john joseph

    2 days ago

    While setting the alarm does the app show how much time you have left ??

  • Mike One

    Mike One

    2 days ago

    I guess iOS can’t read QR from images as Android…

  • Savvy Savage

    Savvy Savage

    2 days ago

    Focus mode home setting=hiding questionable apps from spouse

  • Kristina B

    Kristina B

    2 days ago

    this is crazy ios 15 is messing my phone up

  • Todd Girard

    Todd Girard

    2 days ago

    Thx man a lot he really knows his stuff he breaks it down

  • Michael V Evans

    Michael V Evans

    2 days ago

    Can you browse the web in dark mode?

  • Mr Drift

    Mr Drift

    2 days ago

    I have a question mkbhd i just was wondering if you knew abt the Spatialize Audio function im pretty shocked even Apple didnt talk about this any where in the keynote or online

  • Ryan Tatum

    Ryan Tatum

    2 days ago

    So I can go around taking pictures of animals and fill up my Pokédex?

  • BBolt8


    2 days ago

    2:11 “GAY” lol

  • Bob Diddlebock

    Bob Diddlebock

    2 days ago


  • Michael Ellard

    Michael Ellard

    2 days ago

    iOS 15 and iPhone 12 mini . The update has broken my map and internet.

  • 45 Varun Valia

    45 Varun Valia

    2 days ago

    The Live text shit is fire!

  • Gautam B

    Gautam B

    2 days ago

    They will give every unimaginable features but not common feature like in build call recording

  • Revelation 22:20 Surely I come quickly

    Revelation 22:20 Surely I come quickly

    2 days ago

    I have an iPhone 7 and most of the new features don't work on mine

  • Matt L

    Matt L

    2 days ago

    Apple needs to bring in scheduled text messages like Samsung has. It was useful for sending late night texts at 3am but it gets sent at the time you schedule it

    • Trevor Liber

      Trevor Liber

      2 days ago

      This can be done in the shortcuts app under automation. Just create a personal automation for time of day and it will schedule whatever message you need. Only downside is there is no “only send once” option so you’ll have to delete it after if you’re only sending one day.

  • Carl DiLorenzo

    Carl DiLorenzo

    2 days ago

    Are you teaching iPhone or selling Android? Anyone pointing Google Lens at their shoes, clothes, etc. has now provided Google with more personal information for them to pass to their advertisers.

  • Eunive's Bit of Everything

    Eunive's Bit of Everything

    2 days ago

    Focus mode is a great addition!

  • jeanscumslut


    2 days ago

    So y’all don’t see that? 🤨 1:55



    2 days ago

    6 million views holly cow! How much money do you make boy!!!?

  • Shirley34


    3 days ago

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus & the little paw thing doesn’t come up for me as I have cat & dog pics on my camera roll, also the text highlight on pics doesn’t work for me either

  • Jeff


    3 days ago

    Oooo wow that would be great with Netflix so I can watch movies with my long distance partner 😂 little cute phone date

  • Raymond Sackey

    Raymond Sackey

    3 days ago

    Anybody here that can help me pay my rent?

  • Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son

    3 days ago

    I’m not impressed with iOS 15 on my 12 pro max minor upgrade in my opinion. 👎🏾

  • KingCole TV

    KingCole TV

    3 days ago

    Nice video. Focus modes def game charger

  • Game Tech

    Game Tech

    3 days ago

    Live text is far better than Google Lens.

  • Ryan Odell

    Ryan Odell

    3 days ago

    Why doesn’t voice isolation show up for me on FaceTime. My phone is up to date on iOS 15

  • thomas patraw

    thomas patraw

    3 days ago

    Can you finally close out all the apps ?

  • vito libido

    vito libido

    3 days ago

    Android drop down notification screen is a big sloppy mess.. Apple’s notification screen is much better organized abs clearer to understand. Honestly.. everything is better on an iPhone simply put

  • Colabro From SC

    Colabro From SC

    3 days ago

    Focus is a pain to set up. I wanted to do "work" and it didn't just turn of SM notifications, it wanted specific apps to allow etc. I think it would be good if it just turned off all SM notifications by default and then let me select the ones I want to opt in the rare one that would work. The do not disturb should be like it used to for night mode and just allow favorite people texts and calls come through and should not force me to select them one by one when I already have them marked as favorites. The messed it up.

  • Pj_Ama


    3 days ago

    So glad they finally added apple pen support!



    3 days ago

    Where is the home button?

  • Norman Leach

    Norman Leach

    3 days ago

    Focus mode is low key “hey babe could you see who texted me”….phone in work mode to avoid side chick texts meanwhile. 😂😂😂😂

  • S O

    S O

    3 days ago

    They still didn't made minimize for YT straight from the app ! And safari is shit! I will use it when it have automatically translate for entire page like chrome have

  • Muhammad Chowdhury

    Muhammad Chowdhury

    3 days ago

    I have a 13 pro contact me I want to sell

  • Mateo Salamanca

    Mateo Salamanca

    3 days ago

    Me thinking all those features will be available to me:

    My iphone X: haha no

  • Doodle


    3 days ago


  • Priyanshu Singh

    Priyanshu Singh

    3 days ago

    Does upgrading iphone se 2020 to ios15makes sense?

  • Milenko Glavash

    Milenko Glavash

    3 days ago

    Best IOS ever

  • Brandon Thrash

    Brandon Thrash

    3 days ago

    I wish in the focus mode you could pick specific apps, rather than having to love things around to make pages of apps.

  • WS


    3 days ago

    just updated ios 15 10 hours ago.... seriously... really dunno when ios will have a hard stop on heaty feature.

  • Allen


    3 days ago

    Why do the maps look like the ol Pokémon go?

  • Nik Bornes

    Nik Bornes

    3 days ago

    It’s great that you created this video to highlight the update for the new ios15.

  • Quinn


    3 days ago

    dude i could already type in my thing on clock app what are you talking about

    • Quinn


      3 days ago

      i don’t have ios 15 yet but yeah. idk why you included things already in there,

    • Quinn


      3 days ago

      also we could already see the rain through the weather app

  • AOJ Booker

    AOJ Booker

    3 days ago

    Did you forget to link the video where you're talking about why Apple takes so long to update certain things?

  • H. D425

    H. D425

    3 days ago

    Apple Maps is more up to date than google maps

  • MageBurger


    3 days ago

    Tab folders are a mega feature for me