Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!

Published on Apr 29, 2021
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How Apple kills entire companies with the flip of 1 switch.


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Marques Brownlee
  • Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee

    4 months ago

    To continue to learn way more about sharks! -->

    • Daveed Wells

      Daveed Wells

      3 months ago

      Yes I agree 💯💪🏾 that they should change and that apple is one of the popular companys

    • Daveed Wells

      Daveed Wells

      3 months ago

      Yes I get it if people get paradox the customer expect them to be better than apple and if apple out more things in people are going to go with apple then paradox will sell out and be out of business

    • sreamwalker24


      4 months ago

      I really like to think of you as a responsible Tech reviewer how come no one is mentioning the fact is that if Apple keeps the air tags exclusively for Apple then all Apple customers can now stock any Android user without them knowing and jerry-rig everything showed that the speaker can easily be removed so the beeping after 3 days is meaningless this area of the industry needs to be regulated by the government anybody who cannot access the find my app are now potential victims of being stalked

    • Kaff231


      4 months ago

      Love this video really makes you think about choices we have yet somehow we can be so predictable

    • T R

      T R

      4 months ago

      @anto k That is my #1 question, this is a stalking tool made super easy and cheap. All privacy is gone, not by only these trackers, but technology in general.

  • Grant Ezell

    Grant Ezell

    5 hours ago

    Easy solution, Split the company. One company only makes products the other makes apps and software.... you should honestly have the choice between android and Ios on whatever device you buy.

  • theNimboo


    11 hours ago

    This is a great explanation for why there are so few big tech companies. I used to wonder how is there only one big app like facebook? How is there only one twitter? Etc. And this explains why. It needs the network.
    Monopolies of the modern age.

  • Koopa Troopa

    Koopa Troopa

    15 hours ago

    airpod MAX

  • Jason Quinteros

    Jason Quinteros

    16 hours ago

    “Frictionless” - Cody ko

  • NDTurtle


    17 hours ago

    Apple is big brain

  • Flan Chocoflan

    Flan Chocoflan

    2 days ago

    Damn you Tim Apple!

  • diniles


    2 days ago

    Relevant again with the new apple watch flicktype scandal

  • 1shane_


    2 days ago

    2:21 Pov: your a tech youtuber

  • roncubus


    3 days ago

    what's the name of the song in the intro?

  • Rounak Singh Buttar

    Rounak Singh Buttar

    3 days ago

    Basically Apple steal the creative ideas from the small developers and add it as a feature to their products and at the end of the day, they don’t even give them any kind of credit whatsoever for stealing and destroying their business. Wow.

  • TaY CKhan

    TaY CKhan

    4 days ago

    7:47, Watch S7 this screen keyboard xD I guess

  • Studio Productions

    Studio Productions

    4 days ago

    Whenever Apple takes out it's competition thanks to it's overwhelming network effect, they should be required to buy out that competition at 2x their market valuation. How about that?

  • Gayle Cheung

    Gayle Cheung

    5 days ago


  • Yuri Borges

    Yuri Borges

    5 days ago

    Downvoted because it is not a paradox. It is just how the market works and why apple is so successful. They made an ecosystem that works and expand it also based on ideas of other companies. Also precisely the problem with windows. Who wants to install 1000 programs after a fresh installation of an operating system. No one. Apple stuff works smoothly precisely because they hold absolute control over hardware and software. Looking from another perspective: what is apple supposed to do otherwise? watch a great opportunity to expand their market and functionality for their users go without doing nothing, just for the sake of tiny companies? It's capitalism and free market man. Eat or be eaten. Apple should be actually proud that it is able to adapt so fast. Most big companies are too sluggish. Microsoft just launched the brand new password manager. How pitiful... As an apple user I have this function available to me for years in perfect integration with my devices. But I give you this: perhaps it should be easier to patent a revolutionary system. Then companies like tile would at least get a bit compensation for the system they invent (assuming they invented it).

  • arsnakeheart


    5 days ago

    Dude, I just want to run some PS1 emulators on my iPhone

  • xParallax


    6 days ago

    Apple's behaviour is predatory, but let's be honest, they've earnt the right to be predators by getting it completely right time after time and growing their business into one capable of being a predator. They introduce copies of things like the tile/AirTag, but because they've done all the hard groundwork, anything just slots into their ecosystem and 'just works'. It's sad nobody can compete but whenever they compete with someone, Apple's product is far better for the user.

  • edmund price

    edmund price

    6 days ago

    The destination of of any free market is a monopoly

  • Pratesh Ramjohn

    Pratesh Ramjohn

    7 days ago

    Ah yes predatory monopolistic tactics.

  • Sedokun


    7 days ago

    9:33 "best possible implementation" Until your battery dies.

  • ClimbingSum34 _

    ClimbingSum34 _

    7 days ago

    the flash game run is in the backround on the computer

  • SirRavixFourhorn


    8 days ago

    I never had an Apple product but I admit I'm with Apple on this since it would be more convenient to the user if all these features were baked in the system so you don't have to download more apps for it. I'm not a developer, just a user so I'm not gonna put myself in the developers' shoes because the truth is I simply don't care that much. Users choose convenience every time.

  • Kalen Williams

    Kalen Williams

    9 days ago

    Watson may be dead, but Alfred is another utility that does the same thing but better than Spotlight and is actually probably more popular that Spotlight (or at least most developers I know are using Alfred)

  • T S

    T S

    9 days ago

    If you believe consciousness is a product of evolution. Then by nature, all animals shall evolve into conscious beings… (still wondering when I’ll evolve and get gills and wings)

  • Delano Castro

    Delano Castro

    10 days ago

    Apple conquered it and so deserve it. That’s business not charity

  • Marek Robertson

    Marek Robertson

    13 days ago

    I love the giant AirPod in the background😂

  • HYX6


    14 days ago

    great video

  • Nicholas Gomez

    Nicholas Gomez

    15 days ago

    I think it's definitely a case by case thing but for the consumer most of these just make sense. Like it sucks that the AirTag is taking out Tile but the quality for the consumer is so much higher with AirTag because Apple has that pre established infrastructure. The user base as a whole would be better off with AirTag "infringing" on that space. It might suck for Tile, but it's better for everybody. Google could definitely do the same thing with Android. Speaking of Google, for almost all of these examples, they have been involved too. Flashlight App, Watson, Night Mode, these are all things that outside parties may have came up with but are features that just plainly better off baked into both phone OS's. If you're in the business of "adding functionality to existing products" you have to be aware of the fact that if you have a good idea, said product brand might just adopt your feature. And I think that's perfectly fine. If you want to better society, it's a nice thing to do. If you want to make money, it's a terrible business model that's doomed to blow up in your face eventually.

  • Michael Pham

    Michael Pham

    15 days ago

    Me: You can choose to continue dating her."
    Mkbhd: "but you're not going to"

  • Nicholas Tillinghast-Lewman

    Nicholas Tillinghast-Lewman

    18 days ago

    I'd also like to add that in the case of the Apple pencil, Apple's UITouch API only shares a small subset of the iPad's data touch points, forcing third-party developers to create complex and processor-intensive algorithms to guesstimate their pen's touch location, draw trajectory, and palm rejection. Apple, on the other hand, has access to ALL of the iPad's data touch points, ensuring that their apple pencil will always outperform the competitors. Sure, as a consumer you still technically have a choice, but the fact that apple witholds important data that cripples their competitors really delves into the realm of monopolistic practices.

  • Primal Gamer

    Primal Gamer

    18 days ago

    We all know that Apple buys startaps or just create his own copy built on the system. But is just apple? Look amazon, many times when some company sells alot, amazon kicks them and cretes their "amazon basics", i saw that many times. All big companies to that, but yeah i think its 50/50, because i like to have useful things built on the system and not on 3rd party apps, like flash and night lights, is it bad for apple or any other company do that? No, for us costumer is better? yes, so its a paradox, imagine going to 20 3rd party apps to do stuff that you have by default on the SO... I think this big companies should buy those small ones or their product or patent than implement on the SO, if they just kick them of the app store and then create something equal, that should be dealt on cohorts.

  • O EAO

    O EAO

    20 days ago

    So how many components have they taken?

  • O EAO

    O EAO

    20 days ago

    Samsung tag - 150 ft
    Tile - 100 ft
    Apple Air tag - 30 ft

  • Code0101


    22 days ago

    There will be a time the shark will be put in the tank. An open source technology better than apple.. The closed system is the weakness and that closed system will be their tank.

  • lowe442


    24 days ago


  • lordsleepyhead


    26 days ago

    Nationalize Apple!

  • sam jum

    sam jum

    27 days ago

    The dramatic crawdad incidentally bomb because consonant macroscopically subtract circa a needy marble. imminent, divergent bomber

  • Mix It Yourself

    Mix It Yourself

    27 days ago

    I’m an idiot, so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but if apple is going to get sued for entering a product category, TECHNICALLY Apple is a competitor to Tile, tile can’t own a product category and they are seeing Apple. I don’t get it

  • Spiffing Pepe

    Spiffing Pepe

    28 days ago

    I just looked at everything in MKBHD’s devices, it basically contains a 💩 ton of devices with No Location Found.

  • Cam Adams

    Cam Adams

    28 days ago

    4:30 I think this kind of business situation is inevitable. Networks are inherent monopolies.
    Im guessing Apple opened their network up to 3rd parties solely to get around monopoly scrutiny
    As for baking in new features that use to be separate apps: It improves the user experience, so I am for it. That being said, it would be wise from a PR and community outreach standpoint, to financially reward app creators, if their ideas become native functionalities of the device.
    1) These app developers provide free R&D + marketing research
    1b) Incentivizing/Disincentivize this group creates benefits/harm to Apple

  • haudette


    28 days ago

    2:22 marques has so many apple products, holy

  • Bryningtheaction


    29 days ago

    I would like to say that F.Lux have a featrue to turn off night time mode when using a application of your choosing. I don't see mac's doing that. (I use this featrue alot)

  • SK


    Month ago

    What Tile can do now is join Apple's ecosystem (not like they can choose not to, if they want to stay in the game) and lower their prices so compete with the AirTag. With the many different size and shapes they have, i think Tile can survive!!

  • carry on sailing

    carry on sailing

    Month ago

    survival of the fittest! was competition ever fair? Let's not talk politics and foreign policies....

  • Pasma Ayad

    Pasma Ayad

    Month ago

    I mean, Apple even did it to themselves when ppl stopped using the iPod.

  • Garry Burgess

    Garry Burgess

    Month ago

    you forgot swipe. But Apple can stop scanning all my pics. They are boring, but it creeps me out that they are starting to contradict themselves about privacy. Just stop already.

  • Cory Pride

    Cory Pride

    Month ago

    This, and your Right to Repair video, leave me with a sense of disquieting inevitability. I can't imagine a way to stop it. The more complex an ecosystem, or device, the more encompassing and invulnerable it becomes.

  • Tearless


    Month ago

    But the iSheep don't care. When it comes to Apple, most people I meet have the "Shut up and take my money!" mentality. I'm betting that Apple will win the future tech war. Get ready to empty your pockets & bank accounts people.

  • Wasseem Sonbol

    Wasseem Sonbol

    Month ago

    I am already a curiousity stream subscriber, how can I benefit from your code if I want to upgrade to the 4k package?

  • Nathan Sturgeon

    Nathan Sturgeon

    Month ago

    Apple absolutely has too much power

  • Ben LaFave

    Ben LaFave

    Month ago

    Great video and explanation. The shark analogy is perfect. Enjoyed this one, thanks Marques (+ team)!

  • Sasu123456789x1


    Month ago

    Damn this is a very interesting video 🤔 really nice

  • Fallon Davis

    Fallon Davis

    Month ago

    That clip of Tim was hilarious

  • Mary Joyce

    Mary Joyce

    Month ago

    I was at the Dr.’s office the other day and I had to sign in on an iPad and I’m so used to using Apple Pencil to sign anything digitally on the iPad . That I literally could not write with the huge stylus with the horrible laggy tip thing. I told them to just get an Apple Pencil. They were stunned that I said that they didn’t know it was possible to use one that way. Crazy

  • Mary Joyce

    Mary Joyce

    Month ago

    I have a 1&2 gen Apple Pencil. I love them.

  • James Caff

    James Caff

    Month ago

    O don't think he knows how strict the EU are about fair play
    Like the USB c Vs lightning port or
    the Apple repair scandle

  • Mayada Mohamed

    Mayada Mohamed

    Month ago

    The meaty quart rarely invent because moustache anecdotally grate apropos a proud taurus. blushing, nifty start

  • Pernell Brodie

    Pernell Brodie

    Month ago

    “Deep market penetration”. That’s one way of putting it…

  • Maya Griffin

    Maya Griffin

    Month ago

    The issue with Apple is that it comes out with these things years after we actually want that functionality.

  • zethus


    Month ago

    They need to put the u1 into airpods

  • Nate blu

    Nate blu

    Month ago

    apple is definitely giving Monopoly vibez just like Disney

  • Kitkat Galvez

    Kitkat Galvez

    Month ago

    "You have a choice"

  • Manuel Light

    Manuel Light

    Month ago

    Apple's product is just way way better than tile... if tile were innovative they could co-exist with ease, but they are stuck in 2015

  • SpeedyThief


    Month ago

    Idk, they fucked up power banks pretty royally

  • Place Holder

    Place Holder

    Month ago

    Therapist: Sharkues Brownlee doesn't exist. He can't hurt you.
    Reality: 5:24

  • Bart Van Riel

    Bart Van Riel

    Month ago

    Hate your shirt

  • Hetzerogeneous


    Month ago

    I’m an Apple fan, but after watching this video, I’m kinda terrified at how powerful Apple’s clever decision are…..

  • RAHHicecream


    Month ago

    I like the new Samsung phones but I can’t leave my iPhone bc I’m so embedded into the Apple ecosystem 😭

  • That guy

    That guy

    Month ago

    This is the reason why I'm trying to get away from Apple as much as possible



    Month ago

    are we supposed to care about this apps that he enumerates, like....? I don't want to download a flashlight app, I like that I have a flashlight option built in, I don't even have an iphone and remember when on android you had to download a flashlight app....



    Month ago

    idk what MKBHD is trying to say about tile, they can be in find my network and their own network with the same tile, for them that is better (if they chose to be in both) but it's true that no matter what they chose they have a huge competitor in apple that they didn't have before, at the end of the day, the consumer wins...

  • Kem2casual


    Month ago

    I like how the shark theme played into the whole video concept

  • Shōn Sutorei

    Shōn Sutorei

    Month ago

    So-so we ain’t gonna talk about he changed to a shark at 5:27 👀? That was so cute how he did that lol i love the ideology and the metaphor use on this really good and it was funny 😆 so it’s a like from me 🖤💫

  • Marlon Simons

    Marlon Simons

    Month ago

    I do see your point and I do agree.
    However, turn back in time and see what the landscape was before the advent of the iPhone.
    My Nokia phone had the technical capabilities years before the iPhone appeared, however, I never use them because they were clunky. I only used the Phone and SMS.
    Remember the WAP-browser? Yuck.
    Because of that I bought a Compaq iPaq pocketcomputer, with Mobile Windows. A far cry of what iOS eventually would be, be much better than what Nokia had to offer.
    Most developers were initially happy with the 70%-30% deal, but after a while they started complaining. Especially after the initial gold rush. People tend to forget the effort one had to put in at the developer and consumer site to get app for your device. The sales cost one had to pour into marketing, website and transaction capabilities were huge. And then hoping customer would find your website and product. Apple built their business from scratch and by delivering a great experience they draw a lot of customers and developers (remoras). After a while, to remain in your metaphor, the remoras start to think and believe that they are equal to the shark, and they are not. Yes, there is a symbiosis, however the participants aren’t equal.



    Month ago

    cadence, prosidy and timing of his voice are intersting



    Month ago

    why can't tlie operate both networks?

  • Awwel Alhaqq

    Awwel Alhaqq

    Month ago

    Can you make a video why tech industries blocked certain countries and complain when other countries blocked them

  • Cantor Yakov

    Cantor Yakov

    Month ago

    I remember when Apple put all the sock manufacturers out of business

  • Justin Digital

    Justin Digital

    Month ago

    problem is that you're allowing apple to use your phone for a function that you may or may not want to be a part of, entering without consent to add functionality is privacy theft, for a better connected world tech-wise its great, but we're stomping out our rights to privacy to add functionality to basically find something you misplaced? no thanks. with Tile you are giving permission, with Apple it seems you're integrated as soon as its on.

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Month ago

    Apple sucks, but improving the OS to better control the device (like night shift) is just making a better product. I can see the argument much better when it comes to something like tile because what it does seems much more distinct from the basic functions of the phone. But flashlight apps? Who cares? It (practically) just flips a bit from off to on. no need for competition because there’s nothing to improve.

  • Dion


    Month ago

    Are people really gonna be using these devices?

  • Menno


    Month ago

    Such a great video!

  • tutacat


    Month ago

    is built by ex-Apple engineers, Ugh

  • tutacat


    Month ago

    "So you know the fish that eat parasites off sharks..."
    Also, when Google buys tile and integrates it into android

  • Marjorie Jenkins

    Marjorie Jenkins

    Month ago

    The fat faulty basketball electrophoretically wink because postbox aerobically wait behind a hard-to-find instrument. cool, productive jute

  • theomegared02


    Month ago

    I'll never buy Apple anything by choice..suck it beezos

  • Matthew A

    Matthew A

    Month ago

    I already had high expectations going into this video, but you still managed to absolutely shatter them. This was one of the most interesting, well-written, and easy-to-understand videos I have ever watched. Great job Marques and team!

  • 801 Credit Score

    801 Credit Score

    Month ago

    what is that wallpaper?

  • Memphis


    Month ago


  • M Radar

    M Radar

    Month ago

    Eye opener, at least for me!

  • Mohammed Kincaid

    Mohammed Kincaid

    Month ago

    Spot on😳

  • Living Tribunal

    Living Tribunal

    Month ago

    Tile who? The hell is that. Never heard of it.

  • Month ago

    😂, my dad still uses the flashlight app

  • TheNastyBAGL


    Month ago

    Tim cook literally looks like a big apple logo personified lol

  • Michael Stuart

    Michael Stuart

    Month ago

    Fascinating…thanks MKB

  • Ultimaratiopharm


    Month ago

    Remember the time when all the iPads came without a calculator app?

  • rey Alexis • 1 year ago ‘

    rey Alexis • 1 year ago ‘

    Month ago

    Wait, isnt this Jake from state farm?

  • Joseph L

    Joseph L

    Month ago

    Yeah Apple products have an unfair advantage when compared to other companies. Just looks like an illusion of choice. Other companies literally cant leverage IOS like apple can because well it belongs to Apple.
    True choice would be starting with the OS on the phone. IOS, android or whatever linux without any degraded functionality. Then users can choose to use the tile network or find my network or Samsung's network. Which honestly, the three networks should be able to communicate with each other because the purpose of the product is to locate the user's items. Like common man.

  • Jashwin Reddy

    Jashwin Reddy

    Month ago

    the Tim Cook clip of him pulling off the face mask gave me nightmares for a week after I watched the live April event.

  • b474u


    Month ago

    Hi, this is Marques Brownlee and this is my master class